But HE’s so fun…

I shudder at the crowds the so-called potus (can’t cap and can’t call him the “P” word) is drawing to his re-election rallies.  I won’t call him “president” EVER because he stole the 2016 election, and if Republicans had a backbone he’d be long gone now.

Over time it’s become obvious how he did it; a combination of #DirtyTricks, Roger Stone’s forte (aka for-tay), combined with standard GoP <Repub> voter suppression, confusion, chaos, and of course, Russian assistance. And, the other factor: “he’s so fun” as the Cult claims.

Maybe that’s the biggest problem. MAGA Cult is unable to differentiate between the old TV show (The Apprentice) and actual experience / ability to run the country.  NOW, with the #COVID-19  crisis, maybe they’ll get a clue. As MAGA continue to gather in huge stadiums, possibly infecting each other with their hacking and spitting, this will become a pandemic in the good ole USA.  That’s what happens when communicable disease runs amok.

There is no reliable or accessible test yet for this strain of “corona virus” which is a type of respiratory infection; partly because Dear Leader has spent more time mocking the virus than learning about it.  And, thanks to his real-life re-enactment of “JAWS mentality” (reference to the greedy, foolish major who wouldn’t close the beach on July 4th… as portrayed here):

Trump delayed acting on the virus because he didn’t want to “spook the stock market.”  Yet, look what happened anyway the last week of February; DOW Jones biggest point drop and sharpest turn around in investor confidence since the Great Recession crash (caused by W.)  Yeah, heck of a job, Donnie. Not to mention calling it a HOAX at one of his “fun” political rallies.

So, now here we are. The first death attributed to the virus in America reported today (2.29) with who knows how many to come.  No test, much less an antidote or vaccine.  No you can’t “drink bleach” or hose yourself down with Lysol… as some Alt-R sites claim.  But, if you have enough sense to truly wash your hands properly (with soap) FREQUENTLY– literally every time you touch surfaces, substances, or others– we can slow down the contagion while professionals work to save us — something Donald Trump will never have a clue how to do.  But, yeah, “he’s so fun!”

Dance, watch a movie, get high (safely) or whatever you do for FUN, but we need a real President… and a blue Senate, too!

the Butterfly Effect

Without a long academic analysis of the phenomenon called the Butterfly Effect, I want to use the concept to bring together two divergent viewpoints–  the enlightened approach versus what we now call #Trumpism. Definitions will emerge, just as a butterfly does.

I used the term Butterfly Effect while writing about my current intense grief over losing my 17 1/2 year old. She was my K9, but that does not diminish my sadness. Rather than call everyone I know to cry and lament over my loss, I tried to take a more zen approach. Continue reading

#antifa ?

Good grief, the mess in the US has become so bad I can’t even keep up with the factions and hateful hashtags!  aka # "what?"

The horrific clash in Charlottesville, VA (August 11 – 13) where an innocent woman was killed and many more injured has exposed yet another aspect of our national nightmare… an alleged violent far Left which the racists, neo-nazis and our so-called POTUS are calling #antifa.  I had never heard of it until this past weekend.  Apparently I’m not alone.  Just typing  “what is…  ” into the search bar, before I got any further, brought up hundreds of references to #antifa.  Use of this 1930s term appears to be a backlash to the term “Alt-Right”  (or Alt-Reich, as some have taken to calling extreme Trumpers.)  antifa

Antifa stands for anti-fascist. The original European movement was formed to resist the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.  The use of #antifa on social media seems to have gained momentum here in the US around the time of the early 2017 Berkeley protests where hate speech was not tolerated on that campus. Extreme white Nationalists, Trumpers and those labeled “Alt-Right” claim the violent left is the problem.  (Doing my best to report this in a factual way, but about to “go rogue.”)

The problem with blaming the left is that Trump encouraged violence at his campaign rallies whenever peaceful protesters dared to show up.  He penned reporters in cages and taunted his supporters to boo and hiss at them. Since allegedly winning (or being propped up by Putin) he has done nothing to calm any of the factions. In fact, he has plucked former subculture extremists, skinheads like Stephen Miller and blatant racists like Bannon, and put them on the Federal payroll in our White House!  Trump aligns himself with what had previously been a small, unstable faction. The REAL trouble, IMHO developed when conservative Republicans supported this sick movement in a greedy play to get their diabolic legislation passed.  Repubs were so desperate to get a “conservative” SCOTUS on the bench that they literally sold their souls.  The only thing after that you need to hear is Trump reciting “The Snake” poem and you’ve got the complete picture.  Anyone who voted for Trump should have listened more carefully about relying on a snake.

Back to a more balanced view, if some counter protesters in #Charlottesville were planning for violent clashes, wearing #antifa badges to incite trouble and especially if they came with weapons, then I hope local authorities get to the bottom of that.  We must see clearly that violence begets more violence.  Hate and intolerance is not a solution– only peaceful protesting can work.  We’re truly in a mess and the only way out is going to be a diverse, bipartisan coalition that can calm anxieties and fears on both sides.

For now, Karma is in control…

Global Protests 1.21.2017

ABQ CivicPlaza11am
Albuquerque, NM Civic Plaza

MILLIONS marched in nearly a 1,000 worldwide rallies reacting to the Trump presidency. It FAR exceeded the original plans for the #Women’sMarch ♀️. The media keeps asking WHY. My thoughts…

Everything is wrong about the way this creep lied and cheated his way into our Oval Office. He did not win “fair and square” no matter how many supporters say so. And, he’s still lying! He can’t accept that only a small percentage of Americans actually “bought” his con job. His campaign suppressed the vote, invited Russian hacking and influence, mocked and insulted almost everyone, and consistently lied about everything. That is NOT an exaggeration and that’s why such pent up resistance poured into the streets EVERYWHERE today– literally worldwide.

Denver, CO

Aerial shots from London, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Manila (the Philippines), even a ship off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula prove crowds gathered literally everywhere! Of course HUGE, massive crowds continue (as of this writing) in Washington, New York City, and L.A. I felt so proud participating in this peaceful movement myself and seeing the breathtaking crowds around the world– nearly all peaceful. (1000% I’d say if I was… )

And what is the “official” White House response? Sean Spicer (Trump’s new PR flack) just came to the press room (approx 5:30 ET, Saturday, now as I’m writing) and literally YELLED at reporters reprimanding them for “false reporting”!  First about removal of a bust of MLK and then for “minimizing” crowd estimates from Friday. Really? The first press briefing is to tell us we can’t trust our own eyes? Now that truly is gaslighting!  He didn’t take any questions, he just yelled at reporters!

We simply cannot stand for a Minister of Propaganda in the “people’s house.” We’re not Russia YET, even if Trump wants to be our “strongman.” It’s sickening and it’s a primary reason why people took to the streets here in the USA.  We won’t tolerate a fascist liar in the White House. Other countries are protesting that, plus his isolationist policies. And, of course women are marching for health care, equal pay and human rights. My goal? We must drive this crazy clown out–  just as we did with Nixon who lied and abused the office. (One of my favorite reporters, Matt Taibbi, titled his new book “Insane Clown President“– so crazy clown is actually a compliment.)

I had no intention of getting so upset, or resorting to name-calling, HOWEVER hearing henchman Spicer yell about the media’s “shameful lies” while his boss– our so-called president– IS the ultimate LIAR was just too much.  So, yes we will POUR into the streets, and hopefully into state capitals and city halls.  Eternal vigilance is the only hope to preserve our democracy!