the Books & Projects

As always, you can BUY MY BOOKS at Amazon or iTunes Store

The novel A Kindred Spirit is available as trade paperback or eBook.

If you want a print copy of Seeing Clearly, it’s now available for quick Print on Demand (POD) turnaround at the BookPatch.

Beyond the GodForce was the first of the trilogy– a raw cosmic feed, I call it.  The Collective calls it a guide book.  The 20th Anniversary eBook Edition is FREE on Amazon for Kindle Unlimited members.  Enjoy!


#grappling  is an attempt to share some “tools” that might be useful in our current stressful America. Hope to have it out as a Kindle eBook fall of 2018.  May start sooner by posting chapters on this site. What do you think? Comment please!

The aBop fiction…  well, that’s another story.