ZiaLink Ink

ZiaLink has a long and varied online presence. ZenWoman’s online history goes back to 1980 CompuServe & Fido BBS daze!  Fun Facts:

ZiaLinkBBSconAtlantaZiaLink once owned the original code for DosLynx  (thanks to info pal Garrett Blythe) before it was released to the public domain for use with non-profit coding projects. Garrett went on to code for Netscape. ZenWoman turned to writing (both fiction and for computer mags. Yep, wrote about how to to use ftp, remote login and browsers, when Netscape was new.)

  • Our most innovative code was actually our software router. Yes, we had one in 1993!

ZiaLink, as a company, has existed since 1992. We were an early Internet provider in New Mexico, and developed software that allowed computer BBS operators to offer internet on their systems. Founder ZenWoman (ej Morgan) ran a BBS from 1982 – 92.

We’ve been online a long time 🤩

INK!  We went “old school” book publishing (for AKS novel) but we’re all about eBooks! In fact, ZiaLink Ink and author ej Morgan won the first global eBook award from Poytners in 2011.

Words, words, words…

ZenWoman is also an author and notorious tweeter. You can order books from her Amazon Author page and follow her blog and tweets here. Although we advocate eBooks —  better for our environment, you can put hundreds on a Kindle, adjust the font to your liking, e-ink is easy on the eyes AND you can SEARCH the text–  but if you insist on paper, you can order those, also. (Large print hard copy of Seeing Clearly here.)