Global Protests 1.21.2017

ABQ CivicPlaza11am
Albuquerque, NM Civic Plaza

MILLIONS marched in nearly a 1,000 worldwide rallies reacting to the Trump presidency. It FAR exceeded the original plans for the #Women’sMarch ♀️. The media keeps asking WHY. My thoughts…

Everything is wrong about the way this creep lied and cheated his way into our Oval Office. He did not win “fair and square” no matter how many supporters say so. And, he’s still lying! He can’t accept that only a small percentage of Americans actually “bought” his con job. His campaign suppressed the vote, invited Russian hacking and influence, mocked and insulted almost everyone, and consistently lied about everything. That is NOT an exaggeration and that’s why such pent up resistance poured into the streets EVERYWHERE today– literally worldwide.

Denver, CO

Aerial shots from London, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Manila (the Philippines), even a ship off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula prove crowds gathered literally everywhere! Of course HUGE, massive crowds continue (as of this writing) in Washington, New York City, and L.A. I felt so proud participating in this peaceful movement myself and seeing the breathtaking crowds around the world– nearly all peaceful. (1000% I’d say if I was… )

And what is the “official” White House response? Sean Spicer (Trump’s new PR flack) just came to the press room (approx 5:30 ET, Saturday, now as I’m writing) and literally YELLED at reporters reprimanding them for “false reporting”!  First about removal of a bust of MLK and then for “minimizing” crowd estimates from Friday. Really? The first press briefing is to tell us we can’t trust our own eyes? Now that truly is gaslighting!  He didn’t take any questions, he just yelled at reporters!

We simply cannot stand for a Minister of Propaganda in the “people’s house.” We’re not Russia YET, even if Trump wants to be our “strongman.” It’s sickening and it’s a primary reason why people took to the streets here in the USA.  We won’t tolerate a fascist liar in the White House. Other countries are protesting that, plus his isolationist policies. And, of course women are marching for health care, equal pay and human rights. My goal? We must drive this crazy clown out–  just as we did with Nixon who lied and abused the office. (One of my favorite reporters, Matt Taibbi, titled his new book “Insane Clown President“– so crazy clown is actually a compliment.)

I had no intention of getting so upset, or resorting to name-calling, HOWEVER hearing henchman Spicer yell about the media’s “shameful lies” while his boss– our so-called president– IS the ultimate LIAR was just too much.  So, yes we will POUR into the streets, and hopefully into state capitals and city halls.  Eternal vigilance is the only hope to preserve our democracy!

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