the Butterfly Effect

Without a long academic analysis of the phenomenon called the Butterfly Effect, I want to use the concept to bring together two divergent viewpoints–  the enlightened approach versus what we now call #Trumpism. Definitions will emerge, just as a butterfly does.

I used the term Butterfly Effect while writing about my current intense grief over losing my 17 1/2 year old. She was my K9, but that does not diminish my sadness. Rather than call everyone I know to cry and lament over my loss, I tried to take a more zen approach.

Minimizing drama. During this intense grief, it would be easy to fall back on old patterns of picking up the phone and wailing.

In fact, I caved in and did that with one of my long-time friends. But, I only indulged that briefly and it was with mindfulness.

If I was still in pitch Black Diffusion (unconscious state of mind), I would have called everyone I knew (and have done that in the past) to sob and carry on. That’s a very selfish act.  1) it spreads the disturbance and chaotic energy—just as Trump does by personalizing everything and creating a big scene at his “rallies.”  We should call them what they are Drama Fests where he whips up mobs of unconscious followers.

2) If we are using our tools, such as the ability to create a mental gap, with a deep breath or big exhalation (or both), then we can take a moment to consider the ROI (ha, Return on Investment aka benefit.) <<< these tools and ideas are fully defined and discussed in my forthcoming eBook: #grappling  (c) ej Morgan 2018 >>>  Comment below if you need more explanation or elaboration.  This is a brief excerpt:   NoDramaLama

If we mindlessly grab the phone or run out into the street screaming, there will be consequences. The phone call will prolong my own angst plus spread my disturbance. Mindlessly running into the street will most likely have even more serious consequences, like harming myself or others, even getting shot at these days.

A single phone call creates more chaos that we might first think. I’m upset, so I upset my friend. We both cry and carry on. We hang up, and no doubt she told and possibly disturbed her husband. He could go to work and simply mention that their friend’s 17 ½ year old dog died. More people will be affected. This is how karma works. For all we know, someone who heard about my dog dying may have serious mental problems and either attack a dog, adopt a dog or even take their own life after reliving some past horror of their own.

This chain of consequences which I think of as karma has also been called the Butterfly Effect; a demonstration that the smallest action, such as the flutter of a butterfly can create a storm or bring profound peace (my own definition.)

Considering the consequences of our actions is a step “onto the path.” Like the saying that “you can’t unring the bell”, once you’ve become aware, had an “ah ha” moment of realization, you become more mindful.

Okay, you get it, and if you don’t then you may be a MAGA Trump lovin’ karma- creator.  And, believe me, I do see the irony and karma in my own ranting and tweeting.

My name is ZenWoman and I’m a karma-creator. All of this is the point of the #grappling book– how to see more clearly,  discover some coping tools (including humor), and change our patterns. I’m far from perfect, but I am on the path and trying to move forward.

No matter how frustrating, #SAD or weird things are, we can appreciate the quantum puzzle / chaos theory /  Butterfly Effect that is this crazy life…  Samsara, as Buddhists call it.  I hope you’ll join me on the journey. I’ll be posting more excerpts and thoughts using the #grappling tag on twitter.




2 thoughts on “the Butterfly Effect

  1. Evette September 8, 2018 / 6:14 pm

    Desiring to share in your grief/pain in anticipation that with the knowledge of communal experience(s), there may-perhaps- be a “lessening” of that pain as would otherwise be experienced in isolation. Shared human experience with the intention of softening inherent feeling of loneliness in solitude.

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    • 1zenwoman September 8, 2018 / 7:08 pm

      Dear ET, I know your point and tremendously appreciate your concern. That’s why I hoped you would give your viewpoint. Yes, it’s important and valuable to share… as we did. PS — here’s a more emotional outpouring, including “must see” photo of Izzi:
      Namaste, Sister Spirit!


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