The #LastWord

or the last laugh? With a little time to reflect on the spectacle of the past few days,  maybe this McCain-planned week of “hero tribute” and flag waving  was a final flip off to #Fake45. It was no secret that Trump was persona non grata (aka uninvited.)

During the nationally televised funeral of Senator John McCain I first felt inspired seeing former presidents and political enemies mingling. We later learned this bi-partisanship was created by assigned seating that purposefully mixed political foes, men and women, and various ethnicities. Very clever, Mr. McCain.

Former US Senator Joe Lieberman’s eulogy of peace and acceptance was funny yet poignant. If you don’t know, Joe (a Democrat) was Republican McCain’s choice for VP in the 2008 Presidential Election. (Read 2009 Politico piece)  GOP advisors convinced the dynamic duo that America wasn’t ready for a bi-partisan ticket. Actually we were back then, before this tremendously hyper-partisan (often racially-charged) era began.

I think a McCain/Lieberman ticket could have defeated Obama. But, pollsters and PR people thought by choosing crazy Sarah Palin, a Tea Party “R”, as the running mate they would appeal to a “wider” base (meaning, include the extreme fringes of their party.) That choice actually helped Obama in 2008. Fine by me!

As anticipated, Obama gave a fabulously uplifting eulogy (<-entire remarks Youtube) reminding us of our American creed:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Anyway, the point is as I review the overall funeral and all the pomp-and-circumstance of the week, it certainly feels as if McCain was actually giving the finger to Trump.CactusFinger It was an event carefully planned and orchestrated by the dearly departed.  The only question is was he trying to create more awareness and camaraderie, or was it a poke in the eye?

As I was finishing this, I heard Trump was out playing golf while television networks and streaming services provided LIVE coverage of McCain’s funeral. He’ll be bragging about that from now until November at his #TrumpCult rallies.  #SAD and insulting to all of us.

So @Lawrence…  who gets the #LastWord?

We’re all the biggest losers, especially if Mitch and the GOP ram through #Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court. That truly is a finger-flip to women — WE deserve the right to control our own bodies. Not to mention Trump is trying to seat his own Justice so he can have unlimited power as cases of fraud and election interference end up at the Supreme Court. Constitutional? I say Hell NO!  #StopKavanaugh NOW!

(NOTE: Lawrence O’Donnell is the host of @MSNBC’s The Last Word 10 pm ET week days.
Brett Kavanaugh is a circuit appeals court judge, nominated by Trump for SCOTUS. He’s said to be strongly anti-abortion and for whom the GOP is manipulating the balance of power on the Supreme Court. Leave a note if you need more info.)  Call Congress and urge we delay these hearings until AFTER the November election —  just as the GOP insisted upon under Obama. THX!

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