The Blog Begins…

My first experiences “moving in” & customizing “Plane” theme on

I’m not new to blogging.  I was actually an early adopter with a blog which pre-dated blogger.  I still have my blogger account, in fact here’s the first post which mentions my original Zen Blog at (from 2001 – 207.)

Most recently I was using a custom Weaver Xtreme theme hosted on AWS. All this complicated tech stuff was bugging me, so I decided to move it all to  Here I am experimenting with this Plane theme. What exactly is an “aside”? Anyway,  I’ve solved some of these issues, but still working on:

  1. My link color is an orange. I can’t find where to change that. I would prefer a HOT pink to match my header image and many of my PKD “pink beam” posts  🧠
  2. More tag:   SOLVED.  (easy, it’s an editing icon.) It creates the “continue reading” option on my posts.
  3. the list of posts and tags on the side bar  SOLVED with widget
  4. where is the “featured image” I just selected from my imported media?  I still see the default WP image below. Ah ha… it’s used on the Reader Page Conversations.  Try it!  SOLVED
  5. Moving my domain.  DONE! is now secure here at

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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