94th Oscar Picks

Can’t find anyplace to vote online this year, other than one #OscarFanFavorite on twitter. I voted for Don’t Look Up. HOWEVER…
Having watched pros and youtubers give their picks for pics, it appears: CODA will take Best Pic; Spider-Man: No Way Home will probably emerge as “Fan Fave” (many love Dune);
Actor Will Smith is nearly hands down and Actress HUGE fave is Jessica Chastain; Director is nearly a lock for Jane Campion; Supporting Actor beloved Troy Kotsur (CODA) and Best Supporting Actress Ariana DeBose for Westside Story; Documentary Summer of Soul vs. Flee; Animated Feature Encanto (also Best Song giving Miranda an EGOT); Adapted Screenplay writing for CODA and Best Original Screenplay Licorice Pizza.
Most technical, editing, sound awards may go to Dune, along with Cinematography, but I wonder if Production or Costumes or something will go Westside Story and Visuals to Spider-Man? Flee should take an award, maybe International Feature.

Robin, Robin is a fave for Animated Short and Live Action Short seems to be The Dress, although many say The Long Goodbye. Make Up of course, to the crew who re-created The Eyes of Tammy Faye  😉  Enjoy the awards. We’ll tally up winners after that.

For the official list of nominees and correct titles visit the Academy: https://www.oscars.org/oscars/ceremonies/2022

TOO Woke?

I promised myself no more blogging until I finished my #grappling book (that’s why so few posts this year), BUT Cajun cultural “icon” Carville really raised my hackles with his comments to Vox: Wokeness is our problem. Really?

Even though eventually the pundit makes a valid point about messaging, most of it sounds like more Morning Joe “latte shaming” or Bill Maher mockery of WWW “woke white women” or #WSJW’s (White Social Justice Warriors) as we’ve been labeled on Twitter. Sure, mock us, but when “woke” women marched in the streets all around the world in January of 2017, we pledged to get Don the Con out of our WHITE House and we did.

It was the combined effort of white and “woke” women of color who fueled the #Resistance and worked tirelessly despite GOP’s “fascist four” creeps like #MoscowMitch McConnell, Fox f**k Tucker Carlson, Ron “Anon” Johnson (R-WI) or Cancún Cruz who sold out America to an autocratic wannabe like tRump… and STILL DO. (Add “#LeningradLindsey to the list.) But no, according to Carville women like me are the problem. We’re too woke.

THAT is why I’m still #grappling. I simply cannot get my mind around that mentality. If we had not kept these issues front and center for four long painful years, it’s more than likely that the #CapitolRiot would have worked. Trump might still be in power, journalists jailed, perceived antifa executed along with many more blacks gunned down in broad daylight.

As is, HUNDREDS of new voter suppression laws are being passed in red-state legislatures. If we don’t continue to rise up and speak out, America will be autocratic not democratic with greedy GOP goons running US into the ground.

THINK! It’s not woke white women who are the enemy, it’s apathy and greed.
VIGILANCE truly is the price of Freedom.


Some of my twitter pals know that I’ve been creating a new book from the angst that was 2020.

Personally, I’m #SAD to see her go, 2020 = Seeing Clearly. I had such hopes for this year. But, as I write in the book, and say in the promo, it’s our karma. American values, like pride and greed, created this mess we’re in, not the fun-to-write and view 2020. Such symmetry. I really want to share some of the book NOW given that “We’re all grappling with everything” (as the byline goes), and expecting the turn of a calendar page to fix it?

So, try looking up. Both literally and further up the page. Tilting your head back and smiling will truly make you feel better. So will many of the energy practices I share in the first section of my book, #grappling. This PDF will have to do until we finish editing and publish on Amazon. Please provide some feedback below… that’s all I ask.

200 THOUSAND Dead…

By the middle of September TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND Americans will have died from #COVID19 complications. Some health experts, and those who monitor US deaths, claim the death toll is higher not less as Trump Cult claims.
My previous post (below) written 2.29.2020 marked the first US Covid death. Now we know that a month earlier (late January 2020) Trump had been briefed on how deadly and severe the pandemic might become. There is audio (from renowned reporter/editor Bob Woodward, not a deep fake) that he would “play it down.” Trump did not want to “panic” Americans. HA!

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Even though Psychology Today wrote about the “Joy of Missing Out” back in July,  I learned of the hashtag for it– #JOMO — this morning on Twitter thanks to Techno Claus @Pogue.  (Hang on, this will unfold into something worthy of #grappling. )  😎

First, tho, you have to know about #FOMO for any of this to make sense.

#FOMO = Fear of Missing Out   Missing what, you might ask…  anything, EVERYTHING! Continue reading

The “Method”…

In my considerable number of years seeking Truth and a path to peace (let’s say at least 40 years of seeking), I have found a handful of “tools” that truly work, ones I return to during “rough patches.” The Progoff Method is one. With America in a pretty rough patch now, this tool might be particularly useful.

Hard to define in a tweet, it’s a method of integrating and making sense of our life journey and charting our way forward. Hey, that will be a tweet!

Dr. Ira Progoff (1921 – 1998) studied privately under Carl Jung (mid 1950s in Switzerland) and then came back to America and specialized in depth psychology. Progoff was not keen on traditional therapy techniques, and eventually developed what we now call simply “The Method” which can be done individually, in private, without a therapist. How?  Continue reading