the INK of ZiaLink

There are links at the top of this site about ZiaLink’s history. This post is about actual ink and handwriting. Sometime in the early 2000s, having survived the Y2K computer crisis, a sort of “gilded era” emerged where many of us preferred stationery. Leather or vegan journals, often traveler’s style, were the rage. Some people were creating art journals using embellishments, and lots of folks wanted a fountain pen. There lies the rub. Exotic handmade papers and expensive journal covers did not mix with messy fountain pens.

FF to present time where I found Brian Goulet and accomplice Drew Brown’s Pencast on Youtube (cued to 55:40 “heat setting” topic.) These guys (and others) have answers to leaky/dry pen probs. 50 episodes… check them out.

Drew in a T’ai Chi / Matrix pose, as Brian blathers on…  j/k ha!

Below are a few of my pens (described in the captions), the glorious LMZ (that I almost ordered) and some current faves.

Yes, Jinhao dragon pen below!

I’ve been researching flex or soft nib pens that allow more variation in writing style and ink flow. Brian & Drew have several video reviews of flexible nibs, so does Doodlebud in his Friday Flex off (2020): That’s how I learned about this beauty (below.)
The Pen Addict blog features this gorgeous LMZ (drool) but Drew & Doodlebud have convinced me it’s pretty pricey for limited flex.

This image of the LMZ (Leonardo Momento Zero) is from Pen Addict blog, linked above.

Table top (late June, 2022) BEFORE I spilled some ink. GADZ! Baking soda is the answer for ink on wood and hands.

Upper left is a Zebra “disposable” (that I nearly disposed of since it’s over 5 yrs old!) Not only does it work, it’s smooth. Then old to new: my beloved Monteverde “tiger eye” (purchased new in 1995 at a local pen show), my new 2022 silver metal Japanese Muji pen with fabulous Herbin “Moonshadow” cartridge, plus a Jinhao “Gullor” (barely used since 2019 due to inking issues, resolved with new converter), two Tuls (described below) and my #BuJo (bullet journal.) NOTE: new limited Lamy purple “Candy” not shown, just flimsy box & red-tipped converter. Sorry.

As for daily writers, a few years ago (while writing LOTs of notes) I gave up and turned to Tul (shown above.) I know Goulet Pens and other FP loyalists shudder at BP (ball point) or gel pens, but OMG these attractive inexpensive Tul pens make fast writing a pleasure. I was given one at a journaling session and have bought many since then. (I’m not affiliated with Tul or any product and have NO advertising on my blog.) For fast, reliable never-blotchy no-fuss notes and journaling, Tul pens– BP or gel– are perfect IMHO.

That said, I will always have a passion for fountain pens. To me they’re for pleasure and treasure writing, not for scribbling notes or signing store receipts. Collect, enjoy, & tinker on.

UPDATE on my first eyedropper fill, my Pilot Prera:

close-up to see Diamine Shimmery Ivy green ink (loaded in barrel)
Posted Pilot Prera with barrel-fill writing on Clairefontaine paper. Yikes, clipped the pic which says NO O-ring only dab of beeswax on the threads. Works GREAT. Love it!
Pilot Metropolitan "White Tiger" Fountain Pen 
from Animal Collection

Pilot Metro “White Tiger”

Image of Benu Talisman (Edelweiss) from Goulet Pens Could this be next?

Stay tuned. Truly a talisman and pen. Ahhh!


Lower Left: Muji, Pilot Metro & Prera (next row up) Kaweco, Jinhao, Lmtd Ed Candy Lamy, Taccia BP, copper Jinhao dragon and last but not least my original Monteverde Olympia (1990s era.)


While investigating several pens I noticed this one in a youtube post. This Asvine V169 checked off a lot of want boxes: smooth writer, unique style and color-scheme I love, vacuum filler (wanted to try one) and the price point– under 50 bucks! (Some places sell for $75)

This beauty will arrive in a few days and I plan to load with Organics Studio Nitrogen ink (purchased from Goulet Pens.) I’ll add more thoughts once it’s here and inked.
Labor Day Update: W o W! Love this pen. Super smooth even with F nib (more like M) and so juicy. The Nitro ink (with sheen) matches perfectly. I’ll post more on Youtube and link below.
Write on, peeps!

2 thoughts on “the INK of ZiaLink

  1. Evette Twyford June 27, 2022 / 12:07 pm

    Fun and interesting info/post. Thanks for sharing!



  2. 1zenwoman July 4, 2022 / 10:45 am

    Sorry, I’ve tried and tried to fix my images, but I’m just not groking Word Press image manipulation and text wrapping. Just as I wasn’t groking the very basic idea of water evaporation (well I kind of was) but Drew answered my question here in Pencast #58 (cued to that segment.) If our lakes our drying up here in the Southwest, pens will too. duh. Drew was very kind. Brian funny as always. THX!


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