3 Days Only!!

As a special promotion (in conjunction with being featured on Tessa Dick’s podcast) Seeing Clearly is FREE. The first day 40 copies were ordered on Amazon. Kindle readers must sniff out the FREE book list 😉 If you want a free copy, get it quick. SC will turn to an eBook pumpkin at Midnight Halloween night, (but a less expensive pumpkin) as I drop the price for winter reading on Standard Time. New price effective November 1, 2013, is $3.99 (US dollars.)

AKS available on iTunes, too!

A Kindred Spirit,the novel,  is now available as an iBook on Itunes! That link is a preview, with book info, which can be viewed even if you don’t have an iTunes account.

To buy from Apple, you must have iTunes via some Apple product — iPad, MAC, iPhone, etc. (if that’s wrong, then someone correct me.) I can access iTunes on my PC but I think it’s best to buy the iBook on the device where you will read it. Anyway, it’s on iTunes along with a Free Sample (yes, of iBook!) The entire book is less than $5.00 US  (about the price of a fancy cup of Joe, makes you more euphoric and lasts MUCH longer .)

AKS is also available via Ingram for Nooks, Kobos, Sony’s eReader, and other eReaders. Of course, it’s also available for Kindle  on Amazon with FREE sample chapters (and also under $5.00)   ENJOY!!!