3 Days Only!!

As a special promotion (in conjunction with being featured on Tessa Dick’s podcast) Seeing Clearly is FREE. The first day 40 copies were ordered on Amazon. Kindle readers must sniff out the FREE book list 😉 If you want a free copy, get it quick. SC will turn to an eBook pumpkin at Midnight Halloween night, (but a less expensive pumpkin) as I drop the price for winter reading on Standard Time. New price effective November 1, 2013, is $3.99 (US dollars.)

One thought on “3 Days Only!!

  1. jami June 30, 2014 / 8:21 am

    Hey, if you see this in 2014, I’m about to do another 3 day Countdown on Amazon.com Stand by for EXPLOSIVE savings as we count down to Independence Day! The link will be below when LIVE.


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