TOO Woke?

I promised myself no more blogging until I finished my #grappling book (that’s why so few posts this year), BUT Cajun cultural “icon” Carville really raised my hackles with his comments to Vox: Wokeness is our problem. Really?

Even though eventually the pundit makes a valid point about messaging, most of it sounds like more Morning Joe “latte shaming” or Bill Maher mockery of WWW “woke white women” or #WSJW’s (White Social Justice Warriors) as we’ve been labeled on Twitter. Sure, mock us, but when “woke” women marched in the streets all around the world in January of 2017, we pledged to get Don the Con out of our WHITE House and we did.

It was the combined effort of white and “woke” women of color who fueled the #Resistance and worked tirelessly despite GOP’s “fascist four” creeps like #MoscowMitch McConnell, Fox f**k Tucker Carlson, Ron “Anon” Johnson (R-WI) or Cancún Cruz who sold out America to an autocratic wannabe like tRump… and STILL DO. (Add “#LeningradLindsey to the list.) But no, according to Carville women like me are the problem. We’re too woke.

THAT is why I’m still #grappling. I simply cannot get my mind around that mentality. If we had not kept these issues front and center for four long painful years, it’s more than likely that the #CapitolRiot would have worked. Trump might still be in power, journalists jailed, perceived antifa executed along with many more blacks gunned down in broad daylight.

As is, HUNDREDS of new voter suppression laws are being passed in red-state legislatures. If we don’t continue to rise up and speak out, America will be autocratic not democratic with greedy GOP goons running US into the ground.

THINK! It’s not woke white women who are the enemy, it’s apathy and greed.
VIGILANCE truly is the price of Freedom.

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