Some of my twitter pals know that I’ve been creating a new book from the angst that was 2020.

Personally, I’m #SAD to see her go, 2020 = Seeing Clearly. I had such hopes for this year. But, as I write in the book, and say in the promo, it’s our karma. American values, like pride and greed, created this mess we’re in, not the fun-to-write and view 2020. Such symmetry. I really want to share some of the book NOW given that “We’re all grappling with everything” (as the byline goes), and expecting the turn of a calendar page to fix it?

So, try looking up. Both literally and further up the page. Tilting your head back and smiling will truly make you feel better. So will many of the energy practices I share in the first section of my book, #grappling. This PDF will have to do until we finish editing and publish on Amazon. Please provide some feedback below… that’s all I ask.

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