200 THOUSAND Dead…

By the middle of September TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND Americans will have died from #COVID19 complications. Some health experts, and those who monitor US deaths, claim the death toll is higher not less as Trump Cult claims.
My previous post (below) written 2.29.2020 marked the first US Covid death. Now we know that a month earlier (late January 2020) Trump had been briefed on how deadly and severe the pandemic might become. There is audio (from renowned reporter/editor Bob Woodward, not a deep fake) that he would “play it down.” Trump did not want to “panic” Americans. HA!

From that first campaign escalator appearance in 2015 until now all he has done is panic Americans. He’s threatened every type of assault on and from Muslims, Mexicans, Asians, blacks, Latinos, “Antifa” (anti Fascists), Pro-choice advocates, climate and other peaceful protesters and women. The only people Trump has tried to pacify are those who have bought into his crazy claims– the MAGA Cult.

America was always trusted as the world’s human rights champion and monitor of fair elections. Now we are the violators as Trump cheers on China’s concentration camps, turns his head to Putin’s poisoning of foes and writes love letters to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Now WE need unbiased monitors and poll watchers as Trump disparages our upcoming election and works to suppress minority voters. It appears he will do anything to retain power, just as the thugs and autocrats he admires.

By ignoring the warnings of scientists and health experts, Trump has not only killed 200 thousand Americans by not testing and tracing as other countries did, he has destroyed our economy. Believe it or not these are FACTS. Trump is to blame for the worst-ever trade imbalance with China, the highest unemployment ever (worse than the Depression), and the highest US debt, over 26 TRILLION!*

Economists and “elitists” saw this coming, but Cult crazies believed Dear Leader, Putin’s Puppet, over common sense and facts. Now here we are on the brink of total economic collapse, no additional help for small business owners (only tax breaks for the wealthiest.) Covid is raging out of control as Trump supporters refuse to believe it’s real. And, even though fully 70% of voters (by every poll and measure) say America is on the wrong track, the impeached “potus” claims if he loses it will because the system is “rigged.”

Wilson’s book cover

Elections are conducted county by county across America, not by a national vote. Sadly, the Electoral College is a rigged system and has resulted in denying the popular vote at least twice in my lifetime: Al Gore won by over 500 thousand votes in 2000. Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes in 2016. If Trump loses the popular vote and manages to retain power because of our unjust “Justice” system and manipulation of “electors” we all lose. The dream of America will be gone, along with hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens from unnecessary death. As former Republican strategist Rick Wilson warned, everything Trump touches dies.

PS – #BlueWave2020 ad to Take Back Our Democracy
*I had reported US debt at 3.5 Trillion. This was inaccurate “massaged info” from Kudlow. 26 TRILLION is from multiple sources, including US Treasury used by the “US Debt clock.”

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