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  • aBoP (too good and too early to reveal) but think freaky near future with androids, the singularity, the plague and consciousness exploration. Yep, a new fiction!
  • #grappling another nonfiction take on reality and realizations.
    An “inner” dimensional experience. Promo by Tony aka Dear Leader
  • Simply Divine! — nonfiction on health & wellness (mental and physical) — client project –  DONE!!
  • #PeacePledge —  NOW more than ever we need humor and healing.

a fit over Fire & Fury

Thank you Michael Wolff! You’ve given us a classic in the genre of  ‘What’s good for the goose…’ ; not a battle of the sexes but showman to showman. Bravo!  fire-and-fury-wolff

As you can see, BILLIONS of us–more than have read any other book in the history of words <or glyphs> from ALL corners of this planet (and probably several other orbs) are not only reading, but reveling in #FireandFury. Lies and hyperbole are all the rage at the fact-free WhiteHouse, so how can #Fake45 and crew complain about anything Mr. Wolff writes?  🤡  Continue reading

Vulgarity vs. Reality

It would be more fun to rant and rave about the outrageous video of #theDonald bragging about how he can grab women and f**k them, or how pathetic his so called apology was during the second Presidential debate. But I would be resorting to the same juvenile antics of this 70 yr old man who clearly is not suitable to be President of our U.S. government in 2016.

People are fond of saying “size matters” but what really matters is the state of our minds and the date on the calendar. It’s 2016 folks, not the 1970s (over 40 years ago) when Hillary represented an Arkansas man accused of rape. Read the FACTS!  (Trump supporters love to create their own reality in their fact-2016buttonfree world.  It took me less than 2 minutes to find the true story. )  You may ask why it matters that it’s now 2016.  Here’s why…

Time passes, we evolve, and societal norms change. Sure there are still people who chain up dogs, or even KIDS, as they used to chain slaves, but in 2016 none of those actions are the “norm.”  This is what I suspect Hillary was trying to convey when she called Trump supporters “deplorable.”  Labeling people won’t work either — it’s just as passe as chaining up “property.”  And that’s my point.  Women were chattel (property) in the not too distant past, as were slaves.  Many still consider their children and animals to be property that they can treat in any manner they want.  Cages and chains, whips and beatings are deplorable behavior. Trump supporters are wearing that label like a badge on twitter.  (Search “Deplorable” and you’ll see what I mean.) Name-calling is not a successful way to raise consciousness.  I know that and yet find myself so frustrated at times that I still do it. (Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama, our standard-bearer for compassionate behavior, poked fun at Trump for his outlandish behavior. That is a rarity!)

I’m sure more videos and testimony about Trump’s behavior will emerge. He was famous for being a playboy “back in the day.”  I already wrote about him and “Slick Willy” in my last post (Sex, Lies and Video tape…  or simply scroll down 😉  )  That was THEN and this is now.  Former President Bill Clinton simply hangs his head, having been through impeachment hearings 20 years ago mostly for LYING rather than his actual behavior.  IF Trump had truly apologized, we might have moved on.

The real problem is that Trump has not moved on. He can’t seem to move on.

He’s stuck along with his 40%  (give or take) of “deplorables” and cannot (thankfully) win.  That’s because more of us (and I hope this is true) have moved on. Call us “elites” but I prefer to say enlightened.  We know that animals have feelings so we don’t chain or beat them. We know that all men (and WOMEN) are created equal and that we all make mistakes.  The trick is not to wallow in our past or try to defend it. We learn and move on.  Forward, as President Obama said.  If we “search our heart” as GOP VP candidate Pence suggested, we might  acknowledge that we are less angry, more compassionate, and more aware in 2016… or as Hillary says  “Love Trumps Hate.”  So, hopefully the majority of voters will SEE Clearly (shameless plug for my book) and we truly can become Stronger Together.  No one person can fix the world and to my eye at least Hillary has learned that much.


more print books?!?!

Yep… As I posted on Fbook, against my will but for a VERY good cause, here are the PRINT BOOKS: bunchObooks  (Click the pic to see clearly 🙂  )  I’m all about eBooks these days…

but even the Dickheads (aka Phil fans) don’t agree. They still need the “Kinesiological” feel of a “real” book (or so says Senior Dickhead FB.) Okay Frank, and others, here ya go– print copies of Seeing Clearly! And, LARGE PRINT,  for you self-proclaimed geezers! Also visible is a copy of my novel  (A Kindred Spirit),  Scott Apel’s PKD: The Dream Connection (one of the books that heavily influenced my PKD fiction), and Start Where You Are, the first book by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun.

The good cause is for my 87-year old “Father-Thing” (1954 PKD story title) Ross!  Ross is not my “real” father, but SC is now a REAL book! So all you geezers, and old school book geeks, get over to BookPatch.com and buy one! Seriously, it’s got a 12-point Arial font so you can read without eye strain. If $8 is too steep, then you know the drill– here’s the $2.99 eBook version. Ahhhh! Must admit, it is fun holding and flipping the pages on my own books, but still prefer reading them on the Kindle. And, speaking of my FAV place, Amazon, that’s the brand new Echo next to my SC book.  I’ll explain about it in my next post.