a fit over Fire & Fury

Thank you Michael Wolff! You’ve given us a classic in the genre of  ‘What’s good for the goose…’ ; not a battle of the sexes but showman to showman. Bravo!  fire-and-fury-wolff

As you can see, BILLIONS of us–more than have read any other book in the history of words <or glyphs> from ALL corners of this planet (and probably several other orbs) are not only reading, but reveling in #FireandFury. Lies and hyperbole are all the rage at the fact-free WhiteHouse, so how can #Fake45 and crew complain about anything Mr. Wolff writes?  🤡 

Creepy Donald truly has “less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth”, as Wolff impeccably replied on NBC news the morning his book was rushed to print. That was Friday, January 5, days earlier than scheduled (due to extreme demand.)

If you liked the Dossier, then you will love Fire and Fury. Bannon blowing his own pimply head off along with “all” the other staffers (even the Trump family?!) ALL of them, Wolff tells us, were dissing wildly on the so-called POTUS who (as we knew) didn’t even want the job. Those of us who followed the chaotic idiotic campaign from that first escalator ride “straight down” (where people were paid to stand around and clap) through the continuing charade, know the book is revealing the essence of the mess.

The only thing #SAD about Wolff’s book is that it could have benefited from better editing–to fix typos and word omissions, but also to double check sources and attributions– just to avoid that push back. But, in this ridiculous #TrumpWorld where we all live now, sloppiness is the standard. #SAD squared. No one bears it better than good ole #SloppySteve Bannon! Even worse than we knew or imagined.

Bottom Line: Timing is everything. It’s worth the minor errors to have “the book” out right NOW. After all, it’s #MuellerTime  😋  It’s so popular on twitter, that’s all we have to say:  The Book. Everyone stuck in the #BombCyclone, shivering or sheltered for any reason, should stay in and read this HOT seller.  Don’t stand in line, get it online:  eBook version of Fire and Fury  Shout out to @MSNBC for all the great coverage!  (#inners, #AMjoy, @Lawrence #TRMS, #BriWi, and Ari too. Even tho I still have no #Beatnik pen. That is #SAD)  Shout out to friends @CNN as well (especially that lovable, #Resistance-friendly @jaketapper.)  #WePersist

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