more print books?!?!

Yep… As I posted on Fbook, against my will but for a VERY good cause, here are the PRINT BOOKS: bunchObooks  (Click the pic to see clearly 🙂  )  I’m all about eBooks these days…

but even the Dickheads (aka Phil fans) don’t agree. They still need the “Kinesiological” feel of a “real” book (or so says Senior Dickhead FB.) Okay Frank, and others, here ya go– print copies of Seeing Clearly! And, LARGE PRINT,  for you self-proclaimed geezers! Also visible is a copy of my novel  (A Kindred Spirit),  Scott Apel’s PKD: The Dream Connection (one of the books that heavily influenced my PKD fiction), and Start Where You Are, the first book by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun.

The good cause is for my 87-year old “Father-Thing” (1954 PKD story title) Ross!  Ross is not my “real” father, but SC is now a REAL book! So all you geezers, and old school book geeks, get over to and buy one! Seriously, it’s got a 12-point Arial font so you can read without eye strain. If $8 is too steep, then you know the drill– here’s the $2.99 eBook version. Ahhhh! Must admit, it is fun holding and flipping the pages on my own books, but still prefer reading them on the Kindle. And, speaking of my FAV place, Amazon, that’s the brand new Echo next to my SC book.  I’ll explain about it in my next post.