The “Method”…

In my considerable number of years seeking Truth and a path to peace (let’s say at least 40 years of seeking), I have found a handful of “tools” that truly work, ones I return to during “rough patches.” The Progoff Method is one. With America in a pretty rough patch now, this tool might be particularly useful.

Hard to define in a tweet, it’s a method of integrating and making sense of our life journey and charting our way forward. Hey, that will be a tweet!

Dr. Ira Progoff (1921 – 1998) studied privately under Carl Jung (mid 1950s in Switzerland) and then came back to America and specialized in depth psychology. Progoff was not keen on traditional therapy techniques, and eventually developed what we now call simply “The Method” which can be done individually, in private, without a therapist. How? 

The Progoff Method is also called an Intensive Journal Program, but to think of this process as typical “journaling” or writing is very misleading. While hand writing responses to prompts is a key part of The Method, it’s highly structured and there is a specific purpose to every writing exercise. We literally excavate information from our past and later use it to gain insights and clarity for the future.

There is no dogma, belief systems, or judging involved (period.)  The process is designed to be neutral, non-political, and most importantly, private. No need to talk at all, if you don’t want to. The “work” is done in a group setting, yet in privacy.  It’s true.

Women and men who might never keep a diary or journal love this process of self-discovery, and take the workshop more than once (I’ll explain why later.) Some go on to use The Method for a lifetime.  Oh yeah, “At a Workshop” is how it begins.

The workshop is essential so that you get authentic and accurate training in The Method. ProgoffWorkshopBookAs a Jungian-trained MSW friend of mine once said, “There are a million ways to explain it wrong, and only one way to correctly convey the techniques.” So, I won’t try.  Instead I’ll provide links to the Progoff website. But, you really learn by attending Part One (or an introduction to The Method) where you participate in the process with a qualified instructor.

Also, the workshop atmosphere is very important— everything, including the special binder we use, is essential. Dr. Progoff spent years perfecting The Method.

To fully learn the process, we take all three parts or modules.  By then you will understand The Method and can continue on your path using this unique and effective process.  Self motivated people who use the tools may only need to attend one workshop. Others attend annual workshops as a refresher or to learn more subtle aspects of The Method.  Here’s the Overview.  There is a book by Dr. Progoff that throughly covers the workshop, but with a workshop coming soon near you, call and ask if you can take the intro. It will be the best investment in — and for–  your life!  Ask for Jon 800. 221.5844.

Intrigued? Join us starting October 5 at our beautiful Bosque Retreat Center in Albuquerque?  Call Jon, tell him ZenWoman sent you.

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