My PKD Big Bang aka “Accidental Appreciation” – really novel writing ;)

The following is a piece I wrote back in Y2K (2000) when I wasn’t quite ready to really write the novel. I’m posting now for two reasons. 1) Mr. Hand of the Philip K. Dick and Religion blog offered me a guest post (thank you, Teddy!) and 2) I needed to explain what I mean by my PKD Big Bang epiphany. I could probably articulate this better now, that like Phil, I have over a million words under my belt that I did not back in 2000. Oh well, it is what it is. The end is really PhilDickian!!
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the Amazing AKS Free Book Project

In a moment of inspiration this week, I decided to begin the Great AKS Book GiveAway! In the fine tradition of the 1000 Journals Project (launched around 2001), I am going to place FREE copies of AKS (A Kindred Spirit, the novel) around Albuquerque, New Mexico and BEYOND!!

Free copies? “Have you lost your mind?” NO. These are older versions — either Sept 16, 2010 or March 6, 2011 editions (maybe even a few original FDO copies) that have errors. But, who can complain– they’re FREE! I was going to donate these remainders to a worthy cause, and I’m still willing if you have suggestions, but over the coming days (weeks) I am going to place numbered copies at various locations all around ABQ (and beyond.) If you find one, I would love to know where you found it. I’m also asking that you pass it on. If you want you can mark errors, or make your own corrections, but that’s not necessary. I have a long list of ERRATA that was fixed in those copies. You can make comments here, though, on anything: where you found the book, what you think of it, and hopefully where you left it. Because that’s the other catch…

I hope you will keep passing the books along. It helps everyone. YOU get a free book to read, you pass along a free book for another reader and maybe word of mouth will spread about AKS being a good read 😉 After all, it won Best Spiritual/Metaphysical eBook for 2011, from Poynter’s Global eBook Awards.

If you want your own copy, or a corrected one, you can click the BOOK on the home page for a list of current LOCAL and indie book sellers. You can also buy the trade paperback or Kindle version (only $4.95) on Amazon. (the link is good for either eBook or paper 😉

Finally, if you have suggestions about how to improve the Great AKS Book GiveAway , just leave us a note below! Namaste!

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Updates: 2.11.2011
I was going to wait until all the new reviews are out, but with THREE of the four ready and such good news, I had to post now! The pic is from Feb 4 event in Albuquerque. Dennis (my editor and fellow writer) and I sold several books (a good night!) Just before the event Dave Hyde posted his new review of A Kindred Spirit. It’s here at PhilipKDickFans. So it Otaku #21 (Posted by Marc of Germany) I’ve also created a fan forum there called AKS Issues where we can discuss some of the topics in the book and debate fine points of PKD references. Join in! Otaku is linked in my comments there, again. Just click the Forum button here on AKSbook and magically jump over to PKD Fans! (You’ll need an account to post over there, but it’s very simple to create one.) Phil’s widow, Tessa Dick, just posted a review of AKS on Amazon! And, she’s agreed to be interviwed for Otaku #22! (by me) I hope Gill will link to all of this along with his own comments over on Total Dickhead. I’ll turn these to links the minute the info is there! Thanks everyone for buying, reading and talking up AKS! OH, and below is the place to post final Errata for the forthcoming eBook. yay!

Last Signing of 2010

I received a warm welcome at Bernalillo Book Store “Under Charlie’s Covers” Sunday, 12/12. I loved walking up and seeing the sign! I called it a little book store, but only in size.  Lara has over 50,000 titles (maybe more) in gently used, fine and a few new books (like mine.) She’s really wonderful. UCC is one of my top three fav indie bookstores: Page One, UCC, and Bird Song.  (each one has my book so check ’em out if you are in ABQ or Bernalillo, next to Flying Star.)
Here I am with former writing group gal Amanda inside the store. We laughed and really enjoyed catching up. This was the last of seven local book signings (eight if I count my pre-release party) for 2010. I hope to head north to Santa Fe and Taos next, but not until after the weather settles. Snow predicted there tonight! Happy Holidays!!
Next up: a feature article in the famous PKD “Otaku” zine. AND PKD’s widow, Tessa, says she is also writing a favorable review and will send the link. She said, “love your AKS story.” yay!


I wanted to be someplace really special for this auspicious date. Mitch, at the Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium, granted that wish.  I was there signing books Sunday afternoon.  Can you SEE the three pics I posted on Facebook?  I’m curious whether non FB “friends” can see those postings.  Anyway, it was a quiet time, but I meditated and manifested a prosperous future for the AKS book.  Signed books are available at the store. Please patronize our local merchants if you live in Albuquerque area.  Blessings!

PS –  AKS is spawning a new “Fan Page” on FB.  Try it, just CLICK!

Another day, another dollar

Here I am at the Page One book signing Saturday afternoon. Not as many books sold here as that first Hastings event, but it was fun being with other local authors (five of us) during Balloon Fiesta.  Best of all, the bookstore manager ordered some of my books through Ingram, putting me in a more professional category than the consignment deals. I’m moving up in the publising world. That, plus cracking the Top 100 Metaphysical Fiction list on Amazon, is helping me believe the novel might really take off.  I hope so. I have no idea how anyone could make a living at this, a few bucks for each signing?