AKS “package” on KUNM’s online auction

Check and see if you can still bid. You get a package deal on AKS trade paperbacks (Final Editions), all three eBooks — A Kindred Spirit, Beyond the GodForce and Seeing Clearly (expected June, 2013) — plus a meeting with the author (for your Albuquerque-area group), by bidding on the fun fund-raiser KUNM online auction!

The package is valued at $75.00 but you can grab this for $25 if you bid early.  The deal is on now through the end of May, 2013.  All proceeds support our local public radio station and NPR (National Public Radio), too.  Check out all the items, while you are there, including “Captain Pappy’s Treasure Map.”  Cpt Pappy is a friend, former school teacher and NLP specialist. It all goes for a good cause!

Seeing Clearly (the newest eBook, Summer, 2013) is part of the package, too.


Last Signing of 2010

I received a warm welcome at Bernalillo Book Store “Under Charlie’s Covers” Sunday, 12/12. I loved walking up and seeing the sign! I called it a little book store, but only in size.  Lara has over 50,000 titles (maybe more) in gently used, fine and a few new books (like mine.) She’s really wonderful. UCC is one of my top three fav indie bookstores: Page One, UCC, and Bird Song.  (each one has my book so check ’em out if you are in ABQ or Bernalillo, next to Flying Star.)
Here I am with former writing group gal Amanda inside the store. We laughed and really enjoyed catching up. This was the last of seven local book signings (eight if I count my pre-release party) for 2010. I hope to head north to Santa Fe and Taos next, but not until after the weather settles. Snow predicted there tonight! Happy Holidays!!
Next up: a feature article in the famous PKD “Otaku” zine. AND PKD’s widow, Tessa, says she is also writing a favorable review and will send the link. She said, “love your AKS story.” yay!


I wanted to be someplace really special for this auspicious date. Mitch, at the Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium, granted that wish.  I was there signing books Sunday afternoon.  Can you SEE the three pics I posted on Facebook?  I’m curious whether non FB “friends” can see those postings.  Anyway, it was a quiet time, but I meditated and manifested a prosperous future for the AKS book.  Signed books are available at the store. Please patronize our local merchants if you live in Albuquerque area.  Blessings!

PS –  AKS is spawning a new “Fan Page” on FB.  Try it, just CLICK!

Another day, another dollar

Here I am at the Page One book signing Saturday afternoon. Not as many books sold here as that first Hastings event, but it was fun being with other local authors (five of us) during Balloon Fiesta.  Best of all, the bookstore manager ordered some of my books through Ingram, putting me in a more professional category than the consignment deals. I’m moving up in the publising world. That, plus cracking the Top 100 Metaphysical Fiction list on Amazon, is helping me believe the novel might really take off.  I hope so. I have no idea how anyone could make a living at this, a few bucks for each signing?   

Book Signing Part Deux

Sorry, you must be rolling your third eye at my endless self-promotion and non-original headings.  But, here I am…  in a Valis Pink haze at the Albuquerque Hastings book signing.  With me is Mary, aka mmgray, the artist who drew all the sketches in my novel.  Below are more dear friends who came to share the experience of seeing AKS in a bookstore. Jim Byrd, below (the only guy in the pics) said he had never actually seen books on a bookstore shelf written by anyone he knew before. Well, how stupid of us —  no one took a photo of me sitting with my editor Dennis, and he’s had plenty of his books on shelves since 2002!  I can’t believe he’s not in any of these pics!! Mo, you should have grabbed the camera and snapped a couple. Speaking of Mo, there she is holding the novel. Pat has the hot pink Ouija board, and I’m draped in the pink scarf.  Dennis is taking the pics. Well, he’s here in spirit!  Like A Kindred Spirit, cough, cough, choke 😉

   Jim surrounded by his lovely wife Teresa  (left), me and Renetta (small in stature, but trust me, big shot at Bernco!) We all worked at the County (everyone except Mary) at one time or another!  Jim was a former fireman, Teresa is still the Budget Director and RT runs the whole damn place! I’m going to stop before I screw up this formatting again.

I’ll pontificate more in a comment.

ABQ Book Signing

Step One: take the novels to Hastings Book and Music store and get them logged and priced, with discount for buyers (yay!) Step Two: stick the label on the back of the book and place on the shelf in the “M” section of novels (for Morgan) Step Three: get photo and hope like hell they sell!!
I’ll be there tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 pm signing.  Please if you know me and care, come get one!!  I don’t want to sit for two hours with no friends and no sales… boo!  I won’t be alone, tho.  Editor Dennis Domrzalski will sit with me and attempt to hawk some of his books, too.  So, I’ll get my ratty hair down and washed, and post more pictures of the actual event later.
For now, here’s the close up of the book on the store shelf (novel section) and “shameless self-promotion pic” of the bookmarks, actual AKS book, and note about tonight’s signing.  I know, I could have printed up something nice for the card… but who knew?

Thanks to everyone who helped, bought books and cheered me on!