Last Signing of 2010

I received a warm welcome at Bernalillo Book Store “Under Charlie’s Covers” Sunday, 12/12. I loved walking up and seeing the sign! I called it a little book store, but only in size.  Lara has over 50,000 titles (maybe more) in gently used, fine and a few new books (like mine.) She’s really wonderful. UCC is one of my top three fav indie bookstores: Page One, UCC, and Bird Song.  (each one has my book so check ’em out if you are in ABQ or Bernalillo, next to Flying Star.)
Here I am with former writing group gal Amanda inside the store. We laughed and really enjoyed catching up. This was the last of seven local book signings (eight if I count my pre-release party) for 2010. I hope to head north to Santa Fe and Taos next, but not until after the weather settles. Snow predicted there tonight! Happy Holidays!!
Next up: a feature article in the famous PKD “Otaku” zine. AND PKD’s widow, Tessa, says she is also writing a favorable review and will send the link. She said, “love your AKS story.” yay!