ABQ Book Signing

Step One: take the novels to Hastings Book and Music store and get them logged and priced, with discount for buyers (yay!) Step Two: stick the label on the back of the book and place on the shelf in the “M” section of novels (for Morgan) Step Three: get photo and hope like hell they sell!!
I’ll be there tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 pm signing.  Please if you know me and care, come get one!!  I don’t want to sit for two hours with no friends and no sales… boo!  I won’t be alone, tho.  Editor Dennis Domrzalski will sit with me and attempt to hawk some of his books, too.  So, I’ll get my ratty hair down and washed, and post more pictures of the actual event later.
For now, here’s the close up of the book on the store shelf (novel section) and “shameless self-promotion pic” of the bookmarks, actual AKS book, and note about tonight’s signing.  I know, I could have printed up something nice for the card… but who knew?

Thanks to everyone who helped, bought books and cheered me on!