they’re here…

Yep, four (and a half) boxes of books arrived late morning here in ABQ, NM… the public editions of A Kindred Spirit!  The FDO mark on the back and copyright page is gone, replaced by a little Z (for ZiaLink) and LCCN (Library of Congress Control #) yay!  I checked all the new art, like my updated photo (a tad blurry) from desaturating a color pic (that one -> to the right.)  Plus, it has all the Errata updates  (the mile long list, remember that?) I did check the print date, and as I had hoped, this batch was printed on Sept 16,  my dearly departed dad’s birthday.  How cool is that?  I’ll take a closer look after I blog, tweet and scream out the front door 😉 It’s the Equinox (today) and yes, I’m PUBLISHED!

I still won’t believe it until I see the dang thing on Amazon. That’s the times we live in.  (pause…  I check one more time and guess what —  yes, it’s also LIVE on Amazon!  My novel is for sale on Well, what a trip! I must say my heart pounded when I saw it there and I couldn’t wait to call Mo (long-time friend and part-time editor 😉  amazing, really!  A feeling I will long remember. 

Well, there you have it.  Anyone in ABQ who wants a copy should  come to Hastings Friday night.  5:30 – 7:30 pm. (the Coors store, near Montano bridge.)  See ya there, or be square.  Denny will be there too, Stinky Feet and all 😉

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  1. Terry September 23, 2010 / 7:04 am

    Wow, this is COOL! What a superb blog site! I’m impressed. Soon you’ll be a cult favourite and you can send me some money. Whoops, how did that get in there? It wasn’t me, promise! Seriously, five stars all around so far.I also, btw, love the Blog, Tweet, & Scream sequence. Much better than my overused, ageing, prehistoric Weep, Bash, & Bury sequence.I’ll go get me a pink ouija board, dress in drag, and get some market forecasts for the book.


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