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I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the public declaration of Trump as President-Elect may be the best thing that’s happened since the @BernieSanders revolution.  Here’s why:
IF Hillary had been declared the Victor November 8 the Repubs were ready to drag us through four more years of Congressional investigations, impeachment hearings, law suits claiming our election was rigged, on and on. Now read carefully because words matter!

safetypinsIt’s not over YET!  The Electoral College meets December 19, 2016. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so this isn’t just any old “rubber stamp” meeting. This one will be a doozy, especially if we can disqualify Trump! (details on that below.)
As Dylan says, “Things have changed.”
Diverse groups, a few listed above, plus the Obama Coalition, Michael Moore’s movement and #OurRevolution (aka “the Bernie Band” back together), have renewed vigor given what’s happened since November 9.  It’s not too late.  Here’s my assessment:

First came #HateCrimes and violence against minorities and women. I actually experienced this myself! On Wednesday (Nov 9) I was driving in a semi-congested area. A huge truck with Trump signs and stickers (behind me) was honking at me. I couldn’t speed up and there was nowhere to go. At some point he pulled out and around, nearly crashing into another car, and yelled, “Move over you F-ing liberal C**t.”
No one has called me anything that offensive since the old FemiNazi label during the heat of the Women’s Lib reactionary days. I forget such hatred of successful women persists! A certain segment of society began “showing their rears” the past few months. Now they feel so empowered they are out and self-identifying with their ugly temperament and actions. Nazi graffiti, KKK signs, bullying and even beatings are on full display against blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Hispanics and other minorities.

At the same time, progressives like Michael Moore (@mmFlint) and Bernie Sanders began speaking out again. Bernie has the long-view of how to reform the Democratic Party with the #OurRevolution movement. That’s great, but with hate crimes and vengeance on the rise EVERYWHERE right now we can’t wait for political action and we can’t let Trump take office.

Immediate action steps unfolded for many of us Saturday morning on #AMJoy (the 2-hour MSNBC show hosted by Joy Reid.) I took 5 pages of notes listening to various speakers like attorney @LisaBloom. The upshot for me is that with so much evidence of hate crimes, violence, voter suppression and disenfranchisement, predatory behavior and foreign collusion we can lobby the upcoming Electoral College to disqualify Trump! I propose the new hash tag of #DisqualifyTrump for listing members of the E.C., how to contact them, and other ideas on how to proceed. I’m sure one of the E.C. experts can help guide us on the most effective way to present our case. There’s plenty to challenge when it comes to the E.C.

Attorney Lisa Bloom said it best Saturday morning:

“Trump is about to bump into the big, beautiful wall of the Justice System!”

She was referring to the 75 pending lawsuits he faces and that will go forward even if he is President-Elect. There is also the Trump University civil case which begins November 28. And, the fake charity called the Trump Foundation is embroiled in legal battles. The so-called Blind Trust that he wants to use is being challenged because if Trump puts his family in charge of his business matters, that’s not a “blind” trust– it’s a conflict of interest!
Ms. Bloom and others discussed the rampant nepotism he is suggesting for his so-called Administration and the many Constitutional violations on the horizon (including attacks on our First Amendment.) So there is a LOT to compile and present to the Electoral College. Constitutional attorneys and elites get busy!! We got work to do!

Also, a great unifying rally-call comes with the #SafetyPins Movement. This apparently began in the U.K. after the Brexit vote. Brits wore safety pins as a silent way to convey their support for refugees and immigrants. Now we have our own #SafetyPinSolidarity Movement in the USA to show we stand with the oppressed groups being bullied and harassed by Trump supporters.
Evangelical Trump supporters say they are worried about losing their “Christian Values” but they don’t show us what that means. Spewing hate, vitriol, and name-calling is far from Christian. Seems that it will take REAL Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, LBGTQ, the disabled and disenfranchised to show that Christian values are about LOVE. ♡

Finally, Michael Moore and many, many more are marching and protesting. GREAT!! Let’s all get out there, but we MUST remain peaceful to carry out this important mission. So, wear a safety pin (or a lot) and let’s all take the #PeacePledge to stay HIGH as they go low. I see a path forward to #DisqualifyTrump before he takes office. It won’t work unless we maintain a peaceful protest and carry signs with messages of #Justice and #Equality for ALL. Let’s use our “elitist” minds, not our brawn, to get this one done!

Don’t panic! The Jedis will prevail. Hillary was right about this…


On #ForeverForward

BernieUSmovementSenator Bernie Sanders conceded the Democratic nomination on Tuesday (July 12.)  I’ve been through ALL of the various stages of grief, including denial (crying), anger (vomiting, well almost) and now acceptance. I don’t want to accept that it’s over. Until now we #StillSanders supporters had a glimmer of hope.

Before stepping on stage with Hillary to proclaim they are now #StrongerTogether, Bernie sent us a very thoughtful email. He also posted it on Medium. Here is Bernie’s  Forever Forward message and  my response (the last link goes directly to my response, or just read it below.)

Of course I will continue to stand with you, Senator Sanders, to defeat Trump and his ridiculous, unfocused “campaign” of insults and ignorance. I was a Bernie fan before you ran for President and will always appreciate and support your life-long crusade for equality, “liberty and justice for ALL.”

Most of your HUGE following has come from Independent (or previously non-declared) voters. YOU have been our only Independent U.S. Senator and that’s why I could always trust your votes and comments. While you almost always voted with other Democrats, you retained the right to dissent and often spoke out on controversial issues like climate change, oil pipelines and fracking. While we are proud and grateful that you have moved the Dems to the left, we are sad and yes disillusioned to see you “swallowed up” by the Democratic Machine.

I am no kid — FAR from it. I am closer to social security than college concerns. Yet I cried on and off all day Tuesday like a baby wishing you could have waited for the convention to make that speech. We wanted our moment (actually many minutes) of chanting, clapping and showing the world our commitment to a peaceful political revolution. I’m sure there were compelling reasons and compromises that required this early concession, but all I can say is it was sad and it SUCKED watching our dreams consumed by the Borg assimilation process. If you can’t stand up to the pressure, who can? (I could make an Obi Wan analogy, but that’s too much SF in one paragraph.)

I was young, but I vividly recall when Bobby Kennedy was gunned down ending our hope of another Kennedy administration. I watched in horror when my country chose Nixon and his “dirty tricks” over McGovern and of course it ended VERY badly! Same with Reagan and his “dark arts” and VooDoo economics (none worked), and the most painful for me was the ballot thievery that stole the 2000 election from Al Gore. I haven’t even mentioned how third party Green or Indie candidates may have inadvertently contributed to some of those tragic turn outs.

NO, I don’t want a lunatic like Trump as President, so if it means supporting HRC and playing the woman card, then yes, deal me in. We must protect our liberties, First Amendment rights, and HUMAN rights in the Supreme Court. That alone is why we can’t run the risk of splitting votes and losing the election with Green or Libertarian voting. Sad but true, and why you have worked within the system, rather than against it, this year.

So, thank you for your tireless work on the platform, and all you’ve done to inspire a new generation of voters. Who knows, maybe you will be asked and agree to be the HRC VP. Doubtful and honestly I’m sure you can do more to benefit Congress and our country returning to your Indie status, where you are now the rock star of DC — deservedly so. Thank YOU, Senator Sanders!