It’s 2020, a year for Seeing Clearly (shameless plug for my eBook) but let’s keep moving Forward for now. Stay Present. (You can look at the link later.)

FORWARD is our path to improved health, managing our minds, caring for our precious and precarious planet and especially our politics.  Remember when Wired mag had a “Wired or Tired” list years ago?
WellWiredTired, even if you’re too young to recall,  I’m sure you can grok the need to keep moving forward and not return to tired and tried methods that harm us and our planet.  BTW, we moved from wires to wireless last decade. We’re eliminating “expired” plastic particles that are killing wildlife and US, and should STOP cutting trees to print more and more paper. (Read digital docs & PDFs, please.  See some tips in my comment below ⬇️  Digi docs and eBooks are searchable, more sustainable and on your device.)

History is essential, but we should learn the lessons and move on.

For instance, I felt SAD and disappointed to hear Lady GaGa talking about meds on this first business day of a new decade. Pharmaceuticals have ruined so many lives. Let’s promote energy medicine, self healing, and beneficial methods of managing our minds and bodies, not popping pills and other harmful chemicals.

Yes, there are times when we are in so much pain we need an ibuprofen or perhaps Methocarbamol, but let’s not rely on it. I’ve experienced excruciating nerve pain (neck and dental), even lost use of my right arm a few years ago from a pinched nerve. BUT, meds (and many doctors) don’t get to our root cause. WE can. Methods that Oprah knows (or should by now) like Qigong movements work on our life force, create harmony, relieve stress, and allow energy to move freely in our bodies and cells.

We are energy. Everything is energy. When we have blocks–mental or physical– we experience pain. Pain pills simply mask our pain, not eliminate it. Energy medicine can change your life. I know from direct experience over many years.  My arm is fine, no pain, able to move, lift stuff, type (on keyboard), drive and of course do the movements without the surgery I was told I would need or be paralyzed.

Why start this new decade with tired ideas about how to live, work and heal? Let’s open our minds and truly see fresh approaches so we can experience joy ourselves and help others see new possibilities.

Bottom line: An enlightened, mindful approach to living welcomes sustainable energy for our homes, our bodies and our world.  We can use our social media for benefit, not harm.  We can post positive messages and not resort to name-calling,  mocking or killing.  That’s my resolution for 2020.  Are you ready for positive change? We can do this!

2 thoughts on “Forward!

  1. 1zenwoman January 6, 2020 / 1:27 pm

    For now, a few tips: If you use a Kindle reader you can email yourself docs, PDFs and other formats. PaperWhite Kindle lets you read for hours with soft glare free “e Ink” not harsh lighting like regular tablets. It’s back lit for more eye comfort. You can adjust the font to See Clearly 😉 and easily search your docs, all with touch screen. (Not your mother’s clunky mechanical Kindle!) Not to mention carry hundreds of books on a small, thin device. Battery charge lasts for weeks.

    BUT, you can read docs and PDFs on any device: your phone or Fire, Apple or Android tablet (or whatever you use.) FREE Kindle apps on let you read from anything.

    Not just eBooks, but docs and PDFs. On most tablets you can swipe to adjust your display. On a Kindle reader use CONVERT so you don’t see a tiny “image” of a doc. When you email yourself a document (if you don’t know how visit your Kindle / content page) be sure and use your Kindle email @ You won’t be charged and your PDF will be transformed to kindle format. The key is to enter CONVERT (all caps) in the subject line. Voila, perfectly adjustable, searchable content that reads just like a book.

    Try it, you’ll like it 😎 and think how many trees we can save. Those trees consume C02!


    • 1zenwoman January 8, 2020 / 9:26 am

      A few folks have mentioned I didn’t explain Qigong… I will. Prounounced “chee gong” (for Westerners) it’s related to a spiritual tradition called the Tao or Taoism (dow is the correct way to say it, not with a hard T.) Truly one of the oldest forms of self care. There are many, many forms of the movements called Qigong. I’ll devote a blog post to this topic… SOON!

      For now, even raising your hands over your head and taking a deep conscious breath will show you how beneficial it can be. OH, and if you feel depressed, just look up and smile. Simple, easy solutions to complex problems. Ahhhh!


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