… and justice for ALL ?

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Hey #FAKE45, don’t threaten us with disrespecting the flag. Every day you disrespect “We the People“– Americans.  If not blacks, the #NFL, women, the disabled, Latinos, Hispanics, now it’s #PuertoRicans who face it, you did not realize WERE Americans.  You embarrass us and yourself every day. But, since it’s my compassionate side that I truly want to cultivate, despite my propensity to respond just as #Nasty and insultingly as you,  I offer a diagnosis instead of another insult.  It may sound harsh, but the truth is you are sick.

Yep, I honestly believe you are sociopathic, meaning you suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Only a professional can say for sure, but many of us see the symptoms:  disregard for the feelings of others, lack of remorse or shame, manipulative, extremely egocentric, and often lies in order to achieve one’s goals. Sound familiar?  Now, add to this the strong possibility of dementia. Dementia covers a large category of symptoms that can include Alzheimer’s, but also other brain trauma or disease.  Those symptoms are recognized by increasing disrespectful and aggressive behaviors. See a pattern? 

It’s no joke when many of us tweet begging the professionals to speak up and for Congress to consider the #25th Amendment— which provides for removal of the President in case of incapacitation. We could also call it the Captain Queeg clause  (Look up The Caine Mutiny.)

Peeps, when it comes to Trump, I have tweeted the answer to all your questions of “why is he so…”   He’s a demented sociopath.  It’s not a horrible insult,  I believe it’s true.  It is way beyond #SAD that a madman holds the nuclear codes and is ruining our beautiful America (in many ways.)  So, it’s not the players who #TakeAKnee  or #Nasty women (like me) who are denigrating this Country. It is YOU, Trump!  And, also our Congress who must open their eyes and See Clearly that it’s time to remove him. Otherwise, we may not have a nation left to defend.  Get busy!  You too, #Mueller!

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