hillaryI can’t speak for Hispanics, blacks or other minorities, when it comes to how offensive Donald Trump’s remarks have been, but I can speak as a woman. Calling Hillary or any of us a “nasty woman” is another attempt to belittle or reduce our value.  “Just more PC BS” you might say, as many Trump Twits claim online.  Well, labeling (as I just did to prove a point) in this day and age is ridiculous. Calling Mexicans “bad hombres” and women “nasty” (or rating us, as Trump is prone to do) is bigoted and sexist. If you don’t get it, then consider yourself “deplorable.”  HA!   Here’s why…

In the 1970s when Gloria Steinem was trying to raise consciousness about equality and human rights, men (and far too many women) were quick to label us and diminish the movement as “Women’s Lib” (liberation, if you’re too young to recall.) It devolved to disparaging name-calling and set back our efforts for equal rights.  I was called a FemiNazi even into the new millennium, by creeps who followed Rush Limbaugh and the “AM talk radio” brand of politics.  These are the folks who became “birthers” and now Alt-Right neanderthals.  (See how NASTY it is to label and it’s not effective.)  I lost all respect for them and still can’t hear anything they say.

Once the mud-slinging begins, we all tend to jump into the fray. Even Secretary Clinton who wants to “go high” found herself calling Trump supporters deplorable. Hard not to given the awful things they’ve said about her and anyone supporting her.  I’ve probably posted 100 nasty, name-calling tweets this election cycle about Trump.  I’m not proud of it, because I know it doesn’t work. I do it out of sheer frustration.

Those who most need to hear this message cannot hear me when I’m labeling and name-calling.  It’s just that simple.  We must find a way to restore civility to save our democracy. That “nasty woman” Rachel Maddow played this 2012 video of Republican Supreme Court Justice David Souter last night (Oct 20).  The entire link is about 10 minutes, but forward to 4:00 in and listen to what David Souter said about ignorance and the death of democracy.  This should be MUST viewing for anyone who calls themselves an American.

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