This can’t be the way Hillary Clinton wanted to “win” her historic nomination — by disenfranchising MILLIONS of voters in six states, including California! It certainly isn’t a clear path to victory for her this fall. Some ten million hard-core Sanders’ supporters are sick on this final Super Tuesday (June 7, 2016) and more convinced than ever that our political system IS crooked and rigged.

Secretary Clinton should have called a press conference Monday night and emphatically stated the primary election was not over. She should have quieted the salivating media that NO she had not yet “won”, and most importantly reminded everyone that Super Delegates don’t vote until the July convention. Hillary could have offered some of her alleged “love and kindness” to voters in New Mexico, New Jersey, Montana, the Dakotas and the California, assuring us that our vote does matter. Instead she was silent as the Associated Press and cable news networks blasted out that she had crossed the finish line — more than 12 hours before our polls were open! We take that to mean that the “presumptive nominee” simply doesn’t give a damn about our votes. We are disenfranchised!

Sadly, we will never know the true result of this “democratic” primary fiasco. How many people simply won’t bother to vote now that the “fix” is in? Yes, harsh words, but this is exactly why conspiracy theorists believe — or in Trump’s case use such rhetoric — because it’s basically true. The so-called Democratic party (which clearly is not) passed these absurd rules creating Super Delegates for precisely this purpose: to stop an insurgent candidate from winning. But to actually count delegates before they vote is beyond the pale. Even old-school back-room Chicago “machine” politicians would blush at this 2016 in-your-face disregard for voting integrity.

Polls are just opening here in New Mexico as I write this. I voted early (as allowed here), but I can assure you I would not waste time in a line today given this mess if I had not. As people in our states are asking on Twitter, #WhyVote? You have your presumptive nominee now. Good luck in July. It’s on the Democratic leadership and the media when protests erupt in Philadelphia. Hang your heads in shame. What could have been a truly historic, beautiful moment — nominating our first female Presidential candidate — will forever be clouded in controversy over rigging the system, disenfranchising millions of primary voters, and prematurely declaring victory. No one is a winner when the system fails us.

One thought on “#disenfranchised

  1. jami June 7, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    As more and more voters realize that #SuperDelegatesVoteJuly25 (trending topic on Twitter) it will sink in that counting those votes NOW should be illegal. And, according to #JeffWeaver, spokesman for @BernieSanders, it IS!! So this coronation has not happened yet. And, the millions of us in the six Super June Tuesday states have been #disenfranchised! Stay tuned…


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