Back on Track

Sorry about the lack of updates.  First it was the NanoWrimo project —  National Novel Writing Month — that took every bit of my energy.  Then on the last two days of that I got food poisoning.  I’m still recovering.  So for now, I just want to post my hard-fought (for) victory banner and let you all know I’m back on the book signing trail in December, promoting AKS in other ways, and a big shout out to Tessa Dick for her recent kind remarks about the novel. That along with Patrick Clark (Mr. Otaku’s) nice praise, has kept me going.   More VERY soon!!!

Yes, even sick I gathered up my last 2800 words, flung them into a doc, posted on the Nano site and WON! 

Two Weeks!

Just two weeks to go (a little less, now) before we begin the yearly insanity known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Yes, I credit NaNo for getting a novel written. Without those fevered November word wars, forums and fellow nanoers to cheer me on, and GUILT  (that was probably the top motivator) I might not have had a word pile to edit into a novel. That’s about all you can hope for from Nano —  a big, messy pile of words and that all important daily writing habit.

But I really came here to mention a brainstorm I just had. Maybe I will tweet the following crazy idea:  Want to write a novel this November? Just send me a tweet  (those can only be 144 characters, just a few words) and I will incorporate them into my NaNo word pile. I kind of see this as 1) a publicity stunt to get attention for my novel and NaNo; 2) a way for people who won’t actually spend the month writing to get some of their odd ball ideas into circulation;  and 3) a goofy, fun way to spend the month. I have not yet committed to this, but I’m pondering it.  I think it could take off, especially if NaNo folks embraced it.  hmmmmm.  I would have to have a place (I guess on the NaNo site) to post some rules.  No profanity, or racist remarks.  Probably some legal disclaimer.  What say ye?   JC? Mo? KayB? Eire boy?  DD?  Polvinsky? Especially nanoers….    yes or no??