#ALL Lives Matter

This is actually two posts in one:  first my take on what being PRO-Life should mean, followed by the comments on local ABQ issues.

I cringe every time someone posts or replays the sound bite of Carly Fiorina’s gruesome depiction of the aborted fetus. Only a monster could be immune or unaffected by such graphic details. Yet for at least fifty years American pharmaceutical research labs have conducted far more horrifying acts on living beings.  Not only in the quest for cures to cancer and other dis-ease, but also so that overweight Americans can pop a statin drug and continue indulging in salty, fatty processed food. Humans and animals have been tortured in the name of progress, for something as vain and petty as make-up or as outlandish as mink coats. The collection of tissue and body parts that has outraged so many is actually one of the more humane ways to conduct research. And, by the way the video has since been called into question, so all this anger at Planned Parenthood is actually misplaced.

The point is ALL lives matter— not just fetuses, but the at-risk mothers forced to endure life threatening pregnancies. Mothers and women matter. Of course Black Lives Matter and good for those creating awareness with the hash tag campaign. But, how about Latinos, Hispanics, indigenous people, refugees, or prisoners? As the Pope pointed out, those lives matter, too.  If you’re going to say you are PRO Life, then you must be concerned about ALL life– not just causes you pick and choose.  You can’t be for the death penalty and say you believe in the Right to Life.

Christians can not be concerned only with other Christians. Jesus did not discriminate against anyone. We’re told he kissed the feet of whores and lepers, and would compassionately remind us that ALL lives matter. That includes Muslims, Buddhists and atheists. Even though many Christians believe Pro Life only applies to the dominant species, I suggest we take the wider, more compassionate Buddhist view that all lives includes ALL sentient beings. That means not only animals, birds and fish, but bugs and every living creature that has feelings (and they do have feelings!)  Ponder that PRO-lifers! All Lives Matter.

Now that you’ve read all that, here’s the post you may have been directed to.  How do I feel about MY Community?  In a word…

I’ve lived in Albuquerque over thirty years, longer than the place where I was born. So, although not a “true native”, New Mexico is my home.  I first felt disappointed while working at the County (back in the 1980s.)  Too many local leaders were more concerned about lining their pockets and self promotion than tackling tough community problems.  If they had addressed our water issues and sprawl years ago and not been so driven by attracting industry at any cost, we wouldn’t be facing the resource crises we have today. Sadly, they’re still at it creating another unsustainable “land grab” in the form of the problem-riddled Santolina development.

The same goes with the excessive force issues plaguing our police.  I can tell horrifying stories of police abuse that date back more than 20 years and have only become worse throughout the years, culminating in cases that have cost local taxpayers millions of dollars.

I realize Albuquerque is not unique in either of these problems–  resource management, human or natural.  But, local politicians should have listened to  savvy elders and creative voices back then and embraced our diversity, not caved in to become “Any Town USA.”

So, yes,  I feel sad and disappointed that we might end up like Phoenix, a sprawling dust bowl with no remaining character. Burque should have fought harder to maintain its unique, enchanting identity– the very thing that would have naturally attracted “economic development”  without selling out.

more print books?!?!

Yep… As I posted on Fbook, against my will but for a VERY good cause, here are the PRINT BOOKS: bunchObooks  (Click the pic to see clearly 🙂  )  I’m all about eBooks these days…

but even the Dickheads (aka Phil fans) don’t agree. They still need the “Kinesiological” feel of a “real” book (or so says Senior Dickhead FB.) Okay Frank, and others, here ya go– print copies of Seeing Clearly! And, LARGE PRINT,  for you self-proclaimed geezers! Also visible is a copy of my novel  (A Kindred Spirit),  Scott Apel’s PKD: The Dream Connection (one of the books that heavily influenced my PKD fiction), and Start Where You Are, the first book by Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun.

The good cause is for my 87-year old “Father-Thing” (1954 PKD story title) Ross!  Ross is not my “real” father, but SC is now a REAL book! So all you geezers, and old school book geeks, get over to BookPatch.com and buy one! Seriously, it’s got a 12-point Arial font so you can read without eye strain. If $8 is too steep, then you know the drill– here’s the $2.99 eBook version. Ahhhh! Must admit, it is fun holding and flipping the pages on my own books, but still prefer reading them on the Kindle. And, speaking of my FAV place, Amazon, that’s the brand new Echo next to my SC book.  I’ll explain about it in my next post.

Update SOON!

Well, the first batch of Seeing Clearly print books (mass paperback style) should have arrived by now. USPS says 2-day Priority is “slightly expedited, but no guarantees.” My Q is “then why bother with it?” Luckily, I ordered five more copies after I found a few errors and those are supposedly “out for delivery” (by 8 pm, June 17.) So, I will definitely post a PHOTO and say a few words when those arrive.

Meanwhile, just because I can, here’s the link to my favorite AKS book errata link. The Dickheads love it too 🙂 Help test the site by sending us a NOTE below:

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A Kindred Spirit novel
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Hey you Dickheads, gawkers and AKS book buyers, we’re switching things around.

This is the AKS Archive site for old book blog posts, your comments, and other fun stuff from the heyday of book signings, and AKS events (like the famous Phil Fest at Boulder, CO! and the famous errata page.)

Of course you can find the book, with samples, at  iTunes book store (for Apple fans) or at Amazon.com use my author’s page, where you can see (and BUY) all three books:

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Global eBook Finalist?

I think so! We just got the first peek at the list of finalists tonight, and unless I’m wrong, it appears that “A Kindred Spirit” is on that list!!! Here, check the links: the list of Spiritual/Metaphysical fiction (note the word Finalist in my box) and then there’s this, the actual list of finalists!!

I’ll be looking for that updated FINALIST badge to put on the front page of the AKS site, next. YIPPEEEE!

And, as for the NEA event (in the post below), I received a list of three pages of contacts for the novel. The letter I received said that there was a lot of interest in adult fiction and very few offerings at the NEA Book Expo — mine received a lot of attention. How exciting is that?

Book sales have definitely picked up recently. So, the eBook award, being in the Expo and mentioning it on new Facebook groups is paying off. Now, can I get the 8.2.2011 Revision on Amazon for sale?! The process has taken much longer than anticipated. Revisions were actually done in July, but apparently August is one of the busiest months in the publishing world so getting new trade paperbacks, Kindle update and ePub for iTunes (Apple) is taking extra long. Really soon now. I will tweet, blog and post on Fbook the moment the new edition can be purchased. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in A KINDRED SPIRIT!!

it’s starting!

I’m in Denver and about to leave for Nederland.  (this is a test of JC’s great new blog site.) If this works, I’ll upload a pic or two from the FEST!  The Philip K. Dick Festival.  I’m truly “on my way.” What a long strange trip it’s been  (really!)