Happy Holidays!

Yep, it’s that time of year! The Festival of Lights, the Solstice, Christmas and then we welcome the New Year — 2015.
2015 pic It’s also a time to take stock.
First, consider all we have to be grateful for, and I have a LOT. I’m healthy (despite some dental probs), have plenty (too much) of most things, and wonderful people to share with. Here in Albuquerque we are grateful for our weather. Very mild and knock on wood, no disasters other than our fragile water supply (I could go on about this, but I’ll save that for next year.) And 2015 is nearly here!

I always set goals, and amazingly I hit many of them. That’s the key: don’t expect to hit them all or be perfect. But, looking back in my 10 year journal, I see that by setting goals I manifest much more than if I didn’t. As the old saw goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” So, I create a map and start down that path at the beginning of each year. I may take detours and diversions, but I have someplace to return to when I feel lost.

I had a plan for early retirement from my government gig. I did that in 2008. The next year I wanted to travel and even set a goal of riding my bike along the rim of the Grand Canyon (not the entire rim, but a 20 mile stretch.) I did that with a little “pedal assist.” For 2010 my goal was to finally publish my novel. It had been languishing for years while I was toiling at the salt mines (aka BernCo), but I began to tweak an old draft during NanoWrimo 2009. When it seemed that I might really be able to publish, I started writing new sections and gathering steam. It turned out that the time really was “NOW” (back then) because along came the most synchronistic opportunity: the Philip K. Dick Festival ! (and the rest is history– as you can see here.) A Kindred Spirit (my novel) had an intergalactic release in Boulder, Colorado. Great fun!

The world did not end in 2012, even though I spent a considerable amount of time preparing, just in case! So, in 2013 I set a goal of publishing a “sequel-of-sorts” to AKS. With the help of another Nano writing cycle, and summer camp, I published Seeing Clearly in August of 2013. Now, I have three e-books on Amazon. If my 2015 goals manifest, I’ll have at least one more, maybe a total of FIVE. The new fiction might take a bit longer, but I’m also writing more non-fiction: Still Grappling. I want that eBook published before I turn… well, before my next birthday 😉

And, if I don’t make it I won’t beat myself up. Well, okay I might yell at myself some, but I won’t actually hit myself! I hope this gave you a little inspiration to set some goals yourself. It’s like the Powerball motto: “You can’t win if you don’t play.” Here’s to a truly happy, inspiring, peaceful New Year!