A Kindred Spirit took top honors in the Spiritual/Metaphysical category at Dan Poynter’s first Global eBook Awards in Santa Barbara, California August 20, 2011! In other words, I WON!!

I want to say right off, I did not pay to enter this competition. Many did, but I was fortunate to be nominated and fees waived! It makes the win so much sweeter — a real reward and honor. I was not aware of Dan Poynter prior to being part of this event. I have since learned he is considered the original self-publishing guru.

That brings me to my second point. AKS is not “self-published.” ZiaLink Ink is a New Mexico LLC (Limited Liability Corporation), and a business consortium. Bringing together the talents of other artists and writers means AKS is the product of a group of professionals, not a first-time effort slapped together in a few months. I worked several years on the novel and had first rate talent helping me get it published. And now, it truly is the award-winning novel A Kindred Spirit!

For now, I will link to my own press release again, but as soon as I receive publicity, those links will be here or in the comments below. (Did I link to the latest Otaku #22? See comments) The new WINNER badge is on front page ( ) Oh, and I mention Ottumwa, Iowa in the press release so I can send it to the Courier — the REAL Ottumwa Courier where Niki fictionally worked 😉

THANKS again to everyone who helped proof, edit, write reviews, tweak graphics and again to Mary Gray, bless her heart, for pouring her heart and soul (and final drawings) into my novel. (She is legally blind now, so no more drawing after a fabulous career in the arts.)

The final editions (trade paperback and Kindle) are posted and for sale on Amazon. PLEASE use the widget or link to the right to buy, Buy, BUY!! and thanks in advance for your support!

Global eBook Finalist?

I think so! We just got the first peek at the list of finalists tonight, and unless I’m wrong, it appears that “A Kindred Spirit” is on that list!!! Here, check the links: the list of Spiritual/Metaphysical fiction (note the word Finalist in my box) and then there’s this, the actual list of finalists!!

I’ll be looking for that updated FINALIST badge to put on the front page of the AKS site, next. YIPPEEEE!

And, as for the NEA event (in the post below), I received a list of three pages of contacts for the novel. The letter I received said that there was a lot of interest in adult fiction and very few offerings at the NEA Book Expo — mine received a lot of attention. How exciting is that?

Book sales have definitely picked up recently. So, the eBook award, being in the Expo and mentioning it on new Facebook groups is paying off. Now, can I get the 8.2.2011 Revision on Amazon for sale?! The process has taken much longer than anticipated. Revisions were actually done in July, but apparently August is one of the busiest months in the publishing world so getting new trade paperbacks, Kindle update and ePub for iTunes (Apple) is taking extra long. Really soon now. I will tweet, blog and post on Fbook the moment the new edition can be purchased. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in A KINDRED SPIRIT!!