an End Point

Everything needs an end point. A period. A way to indicate this thought has ended, and a new sentence, thought, or phase is beginning. For me, the novel-writing and editing phase of AKS had to end. It was done, over due. Yes, I could have tweaked for another week, but I had a feeling that seven days later I would still feel as unfinished as my story of Unfinished Business. I would feel worse, missing yet another deadline — another unmet Equinox release.

I wanted the book to be done in the Spring, released on March 20. The disclaimer says Vernal, not Autumnal, Equinox. I left it as a reminder of time passing. I hope to have a final book in my hand come 9:09 pm, September 22. If a batch is printed early this coming week, it’s still possible. If I had waited, kept tweaking, another milestone would have passed.

Oh, I can hear those critics now. “But isn’t it more important for it to be right?” NO, actually it’s more important to finish something. How many people are walking around with books in their head that will NEVER see the page? How many people say “some day” I’m going to write that novel, take that trip, stop smoking, quit drinking, whatever. I am here to tell you perfectionism and procrastination are worse than a few missing punctuation marks. I truly believe that. If there are too many remaining errors in the book, I’ll quietly upload a text revision in six weeks, and few people will know or realize it even happened. If I had waited, missed another major milestone, my spirit would have been crushed. That is not so easily repaired.

So on this emergency 911 date, nine years have passed since the terror attack that continues to haunt everyone. My work, on A Kindred Spirit, began on a September day a few years before that. I will not be haunted. I am letting go, moving on. The TIME IS NOW for me to release this book. It’s a point in time. What I was able to say and write at this point. Hopefully in the future I can write a better book. This one, however, is done.