Oh boy… PKD in the Crosshairs

Sorry, Gil, but what else is there to say, so I had to take your line. Let’s start with what our own obsessive blogger David Gill says in The Total Dickhead. This piece in the Washington Post apparently started the discussion — because of this:

Loughner’s favorite writer was Philip K. Dick, whose science-fiction tales travel a mystical path in which omnipotent governments and businesses are the bad guys and the average man is often lost in an identity-shattering swirl of paranoia, schizophrenia and questions about whether the universe and the individual are real or part of some vast conspiracy.

That mention became fodder for Slate, which further analyzes PKD and his obsessions. The discussion is underway now on Cal’s PKD discussion list (sorry, members only.) So far just this addition, beyond above, from member Andre Welling:

Well the whole development described here sounds like a classic case of garden-variety juvenile shizophrenia: I knew someone exactly like this – if they are intelligent, the reality breakdown suffered from the illness is always channelled into complex theories about fakes, scams, conspiracies. This person threatened me with violence out of anger that I was so stupid and uncareful so that I let them film me and live-transmit that footage into his disabled TV set at night. He thought better of me. Maybe I was in on the plan to wreck is sanity…

So I guess it is rather Phil’s than Sarah’s fault?

Unfortunately Patrick won’t be able to cover this in the upcoming Otaku, because it just went to press with a review of AKS (A Kindred Spirit) in it. I’m waiting anxiously for that to post. For those who remember PKD ‘zines FDO or Simulacrum Meltdown, Otaku is really the last of our dying breed. sigh… (to everything, Loughner link, losing our ‘zines and our sanity.)