Day 28: Achievement

Without a doubt my 2010 achievement was getting the novel published. Hands down! It was twenty times more work than I ever imagined, but worth it. A lifetime achievement, really. I will always be able to say I published a novel. Here, read the latest: the book blog
Now, for 2011 another book. This time nonfiction. I don’t think I’ll devulge the title or much about it yet. But trust me, with one book under my belt, I feel fairly certain I can do this one.

Transrealist Manifesto

I am thrilled with an article about AKS due for January 2011 publication. Patrick Clark’s OTAKU ‘zine is the standard bearer these days in PKD-land and he is writing a very flattering article about the novel. In particular I love that he has solved an issue that has really plagued me– “is the AKS novel autobiographical?” Thanks to Patrick and Rudy Rucker I feel vindicated. AKS is Transrealism, according to Clark:

The character of Niki is really well done; she became a real person to me while I read.  I was reminded of Rudy Rucker’s theory of “transrealism” or “transcendental autobiography:” which I believe Rudy describes as “writing about yourself, only more so.”  Jami gave me what she called the “FDO” copy at the festival.  It had yet to go through a final edit. The published version of “A Kindred Spirit” (AKS) is available now.

That is one small excerpt from the 2200 word piece that will appear. But click on that link and read the PDF, please. Rudy Rucker is a SF writer famous for his “ware” series (now called the Ware Tetralogy) the first two of which (Software and Wetware) both won Philip K. Dick Awards. I just love that I am a Transrealist and didn’t know it! I totally agree with what Rucker says in his manifesto. I will weave some of these thoughts into Part II (yes, there will also be a part two to the article) because it ties to why I could not shelve nor finish the book for so long. Even though it was very complicated writing about real people and incorporating them into fiction, I could see no other way to tell the story. And as Rucker so lucidly points out, who would want to! Anyway, I feel great and no longer have to hang my head when asked if it’s autobiographical. NO, it’s Transrealistic! Thank you Patrick!!

Last Signing of 2010

I received a warm welcome at Bernalillo Book Store “Under Charlie’s Covers” Sunday, 12/12. I loved walking up and seeing the sign! I called it a little book store, but only in size.  Lara has over 50,000 titles (maybe more) in gently used, fine and a few new books (like mine.) She’s really wonderful. UCC is one of my top three fav indie bookstores: Page One, UCC, and Bird Song.  (each one has my book so check ’em out if you are in ABQ or Bernalillo, next to Flying Star.)
Here I am with former writing group gal Amanda inside the store. We laughed and really enjoyed catching up. This was the last of seven local book signings (eight if I count my pre-release party) for 2010. I hope to head north to Santa Fe and Taos next, but not until after the weather settles. Snow predicted there tonight! Happy Holidays!!
Next up: a feature article in the famous PKD “Otaku” zine. AND PKD’s widow, Tessa, says she is also writing a favorable review and will send the link. She said, “love your AKS story.” yay!

December Writing

I just posted pics of my last book signing (Page One, Dec 4) on Facebook/AKSbook   I’ll post the Charlie’s pics here next week. For now, I’ve committed to daily blogging over on the Crypto Blog for Reverb10.  If you haven’t checked out REVERB, you must.  GREAT concept!!  Perfect way to decompress from the nano frenzy.  Does this sound like a foreign language?  Well, online types are used to that.  HUGS.  Happiness!   Buy books!!

Back on Track

Sorry about the lack of updates.  First it was the NanoWrimo project —  National Novel Writing Month — that took every bit of my energy.  Then on the last two days of that I got food poisoning.  I’m still recovering.  So for now, I just want to post my hard-fought (for) victory banner and let you all know I’m back on the book signing trail in December, promoting AKS in other ways, and a big shout out to Tessa Dick for her recent kind remarks about the novel. That along with Patrick Clark (Mr. Otaku’s) nice praise, has kept me going.   More VERY soon!!!

Yes, even sick I gathered up my last 2800 words, flung them into a doc, posted on the Nano site and WON!