Two Weeks!

Just two weeks to go (a little less, now) before we begin the yearly insanity known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Yes, I credit NaNo for getting a novel written. Without those fevered November word wars, forums and fellow nanoers to cheer me on, and GUILT  (that was probably the top motivator) I might not have had a word pile to edit into a novel. That’s about all you can hope for from Nano —  a big, messy pile of words and that all important daily writing habit.

But I really came here to mention a brainstorm I just had. Maybe I will tweet the following crazy idea:  Want to write a novel this November? Just send me a tweet  (those can only be 144 characters, just a few words) and I will incorporate them into my NaNo word pile. I kind of see this as 1) a publicity stunt to get attention for my novel and NaNo; 2) a way for people who won’t actually spend the month writing to get some of their odd ball ideas into circulation;  and 3) a goofy, fun way to spend the month. I have not yet committed to this, but I’m pondering it.  I think it could take off, especially if NaNo folks embraced it.  hmmmmm.  I would have to have a place (I guess on the NaNo site) to post some rules.  No profanity, or racist remarks.  Probably some legal disclaimer.  What say ye?   JC? Mo? KayB? Eire boy?  DD?  Polvinsky? Especially nanoers….    yes or no??


I wanted to be someplace really special for this auspicious date. Mitch, at the Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium, granted that wish.  I was there signing books Sunday afternoon.  Can you SEE the three pics I posted on Facebook?  I’m curious whether non FB “friends” can see those postings.  Anyway, it was a quiet time, but I meditated and manifested a prosperous future for the AKS book.  Signed books are available at the store. Please patronize our local merchants if you live in Albuquerque area.  Blessings!

PS –  AKS is spawning a new “Fan Page” on FB.  Try it, just CLICK!

Another day, another dollar

Here I am at the Page One book signing Saturday afternoon. Not as many books sold here as that first Hastings event, but it was fun being with other local authors (five of us) during Balloon Fiesta.  Best of all, the bookstore manager ordered some of my books through Ingram, putting me in a more professional category than the consignment deals. I’m moving up in the publising world. That, plus cracking the Top 100 Metaphysical Fiction list on Amazon, is helping me believe the novel might really take off.  I hope so. I have no idea how anyone could make a living at this, a few bucks for each signing?