PKD “A Day in the Afterlife”

This 1994 BBC documentary has been one of my favorites for a loooong time. I have it on VHS, a gift from Paul Williams, who is interviewed about 1/3rd of the way in. Fortunately, this appears to be a remastered/HD version!! Just watch the first 2 – 3 minutes and you get a dose of PKD spray (really!) If you have time, jack into your large screen plasma or LCD TV screen, or just kick back and enjoy on your iPad, iPhone or Google ‘droid. I’m Sirius ūüėČ

it’s starting!

I’m in Denver and about to leave for Nederland.¬† (this is a test of JC’s great new blog site.)¬†If this works, I’ll¬†upload a pic or two from the FEST!¬† The Philip K. Dick Festival.¬† I’m truly¬†“on my way.” What a¬†long strange trip it’s been¬† (really!)