Tweaking the Vote: the Electoral College & Recounts

One thought on “Tweaking the Vote: the Electoral College & Recounts

  1. jami

    I wanted to mention Greg Palast’s great post on #Crosscheck above, but needed more research. After seeing him on #AMJoy (our HQ for #theResistance) just now (Saturday, Nov 26) I’m convinced this is essential reading:
    Another essential read from is her Medium Post on why we must resist a Trump presidency. I find this nearly flawless:

    I will add more links and hope you will as well. NOW is the TIME for #OurRevolution and it begins with this #VoteAudit and #Recount. U GO #JillStein/Recount #Recount2016 !!! #inners and #AMjoy

    Maybe I’ll even share #MyNewsSquad list (haven’t yet, tho.) *** 1ZenWoman

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