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  1. jami

    I wrote the above piece the day before the now famous #WhatIsAllepo incident. The truth is Gary was talking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe crew about problems with the 2-party system when out of left field Mike Barnicle (controversial fired-from-Boston Globe journalist) blurts out, “and what would you do about Allepo?” Johnson looks surprised and asks “What’s Allepo?”…. if you care, you’ve seen that clip. NO one has played the clip in context. So, I defended Gary on Twitter.

    The next day CNN’s Wolf Blitzer invited Gary on for a lengthy segment on foreign policy so our former Governor could redeem himself. Did he? Not so much. He’s been totally honest– refreshingly so — about his so-called “gaffe” which really was a “gottcha” moment. However, in discussing many policy issues with Wolf, I have to say Gary was not really at his best. I compare this to Tiger Wood’s fall from grace.

    Johnson was at the top of his game the day before #AllepoGate, but since then he’s in a Tiger-like slump. He fumbled and today (Saturday morning, Sept 10) he stumbled again on Smerconish (another CNN show.) Again he had a long interview segment, this time accompanied by his VP former Governor Bill Weld (who did great!) He almost had another Rick Perry memory moment but after a long pause he recalled “Khaddafi’s” name. Whew… not sure Gary is ready for Prime Time and that truly saddens me.

    I would still like to see #TeamGov in the debates. That would be his final chance for redemption and ONLY chance to step in if the major candidates collapse from their own gaffes, faux pas and in Trump’s case BS.

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