Calling for 37 FAITHful Electors!

One thought on “Calling for 37 FAITHful Electors!

  1. ZenWoman

    The coolest thing about our #Elector movement (#HamiltonElectors, #theResistance, #inners and #AMjoy) was the fun folks involved– including but not limited to Michael Moore, Michael Stipe (of REM!), Lisa Bloom, #RichardPainter, @Lessig (Prof Larry), and many unknown interactions from hashtag activists!) Very fun time, even if I was caught up in the Samsaric (cyclical) nature of reality. Thanks to everyone who joined in! I have a feeling our jobs are not done. That #EmolumentsClause doesn’t even kick in until January 20th 🕵️‍👌

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