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  1. Couple of follow up points: I did not actually post my dharma name. ZenWoman was a computer “handle”, or login.

    I am sorry to hear some of the #Bernie Bros were offended. I edited and took out some of my “cheap shots.” I had been under online attack when I wrote it (before Philly.) On Day 1 of the Dem Convention, I too protested the #DNCleaks and the fact that old 60s protestors were hypocritical in telling Bernie supporters to “calm down” or worse, “shut up.” Really?

    There is nothing wrong with being idealistic — Hillary was “back in the day” and so was Congressman Elijah Cummings. I certainly was when I helped organize the original Green movement in the 1980s. However, by 2000 when Nader became the first official Green candidate, I had learned some hard lessons. Al Gore was working WITHIN the system then, as Bernie did this year. I saw how difficult– if not impossible– it is to go up against the Major political machines (the Republicans and Democrats.) Bernie knew otherwise he would have ran as an Independent this time. If we had several active political parties all participating, with equal MEDIA coverage and in the debates, then we might see some REAL change. But the 2-party system and media seem to have a symbiotic relationship that has yet to be broken. Third parties are basically ignored or given token lip service. I’ll write more on this in a new post.

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