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  1. I loved the Amazon Echo SuperBowl50 ad! I saw preview snippets over week leading up the event and was a little nervous. I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough demo of Alexa (the Echo’s AI) for people to “get it.” Anyone who has heard of Amazon will know to get to the web site and check it out. OR, if already on social media, you’d have a link from Youtube or Twitter. Those ads will direct you to the Echo product page. Very nice. This is the new jazzed up Echo section on Amazon.

    BTW, no one pays me to promote Amazon.com or any products there. I am a long-time fan. That’s why I invested early and have been proud to be a cheerleader all these years. I hope lots of new and returning customers will investigate the Amazon Echo. If you see this and have any questions, just post them here!!

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