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  • #PeacePledge —  NOW more than ever… an online and social effort to heal ourselves and our world by letting go of anger and hate.
    As former @FLOTUS says: “When they go low, we go high!”

a fit over Fire & Fury

Fire and Fury book
not my hand… I’m reading Kindle version

Thank you Michael Wolff! You’ve given us a classic in the genre of  ‘What’s good for the goose…’ ; not a battle of the sexes but showman to showman. Bravo!

As you can see, BILLIONS of us–more than have read any other book in the history of words <or glyphs> from ALL corners of this planet (and probably several other orbs) are not only reading, but reveling in #FireandFury. Lies and hyperbole are all the rage at the fact-free WhiteHouse, so how can #Fake45 and crew complain about anything Mr. Wolff writes?  🤡

Creepy Donald truly has “less credibility than, perhaps, anyone who has ever walked on earth”, as Wolff impeccably replied on NBC news the morning his book was rushed to print. That was Friday, January 5, days earlier than scheduled (due to extreme demand.)

If you liked the Dossier, then you will love Fire and Fury. Bannon blowing his own pimply head off along with “all” the other staffers (even the Trump family?!) ALL of them, Wolff tells us, were dissing wildly on the so-called POTUS who (as we knew) didn’t even want the job. Those of us who followed the chaotic idiotic campaign from that first escalator ride “straight down” (where people were paid to stand around and clap) through the continuing charade, know the book is revealing the essence of the mess.

The only thing #SAD about Wolff’s book is that it could have benefited from better editing–to fix typos and word omissions, but also to double check sources and attributions– just to avoid that push back. But, in this ridiculous #TrumpWorld where we all live now, sloppiness is the standard. #SAD squared. No one bears it better than good ole #SloppySteve Bannon! Even worse than we knew or imagined.

Bottom Line: Timing is everything. It’s worth the minor errors to have “the book” out right NOW. After all, it’s #MuellerTime  😋  It’s so popular on twitter, that’s all we have to say:  The Book. Everyone stuck in the #BombCyclone, shivering or sheltered for any reason, should stay in and read this HOT seller.  Don’t stand in line, get it online:  eBook version of Fire and Fury  Shout out to @MSNBC for all the great coverage!  (#inners, #AMjoy, @Lawrence #TRMS, #BriWi, and Ari too. Even tho I still have no #Beatnik pen. That is #SAD)  Shout out to friends @CNN as well (especially that lovable, #Resistance-friendly @jaketapper.)  #WePersist

and now Charlie…

Illustration for Home Digest by Rui Ramalheiro
Illustration by Rui Ramalheiro

Kind of odd and creepy that I’ve been writing about Charlie. One of the main characters in my fiction (work in progress) is named Charlie. He’s a robot repair guy, not a journalist and not intentionally named after Mr. Rose. However, I’ve spent a lot of time with Rose over the past couple of years.  He’s the first person I see every day (on CBS Morning) and I’ve watched his late-night PBS show for at least 20 years.

With current comparison’s to the Pandora’s Box myth, I feel compelled to say that the aBoP (listed on my pinned post, of books and projects) is a reference to that myth.  I’ll  post an excerpt of my intro that explains why, but first I want to say how #SAD I’m feeling to learn of this dark side of Charlie Rose.
We all wrestle with addictions and kleshas (Buddhist term for our habituated tendencies) but so tragic to see a lifetime career in shreds over uncontrolled behavior.

Rose has discussed turning to meditation (over the past year or so.) Let’s hope he continues and that it provides relief and insight.  As I posted on twitter:  “We are definitely at an inflection point. Constant focus on sex and power in movies, TV and social media needs serious analysis and contemplation.”  We must also look at the intense violence that we constantly feed our youth.  These issues are all inter-related and entwined.  A society that favors explicit pornography, horrific violence and rarely focuses on positive values is doomed.

History does repeat, so take a look at the downfall of past great civilizations like Rome and Greece to see where we are headed.

With that, the Pandora story is very apropos so I will share how I explain it in the intro of my in-progress fiction:

“In the famous Greek myth, the god Zeus had a daughter named Pandora. When the time came for her to be wed, the king of fate and thunder gave his daughter, and her husband-to-be, a locked box (actually it was a large clay jar or pithos, but in translation it’s always been called a box.) The important part is the admonition that Zeus gave the couple: to assure your happiness, DO NOT OPEN!  Pandora couldn’t believe that her father would give her a gift she could not enjoy. So sometime after the marriage, while her husband was away, curiosity got the best of Pandora and she opened the gift. The most horrid things came flying out. She had unleashed all the evils of the world.

There are many variations of the story known as Pandora’s Box. I like the one that implies Zeus had locked up all the world’s troubles and entrusted his daughter to keep humanity safe.

What are the consequences of our 21st Century society’s lust, greed, and endless obsession for more (of everything)? How far can we go before everything collapses? Can we change our fate by changing our attitude? and what if we don’t? Perhaps this story will prompt you to ponder these possibilities.

So, why did I choose to call my story “a Box of Pandoras”? One of our favorite New Mexico governors, Bruce King, once warned our state legislators, ‘If you pass that bill you’ll be opening up a whole box of Pandoras.’  It became one of his trademark sayings. Rest his soul, we still laugh about it. But he (and Zeus) were right to warn about unleashing the world’s troubles.”  (c) 2015 – 2017

Now, I better get back to writing…

Franken Flak

Seriously if the news media, or more importantly our Senators, cannot discern the difference between a silly prank and true perversion then it IS time to send all the bums home– reporters and lawmakers– and start over. We have enough idiocy in the WH.
Let’s start with FACTS. This photo of Al Franken is from 2006, during a USO comedy tour to the Middle East to “entertain the troops.” Notice the woman, Leeann Tweeden, another “performer” (she calls herself a “model” and sportscaster in her bio), is wearing a flak jacket. FULL STOP. While it may be considered poor taste to pose in the manner shown, that is not groping.  As one who was groped as a young TV reporter, I know the difference; most women do.

As for the alleged forceful kiss, that’s more complicated. While our so-called “President” admitted on video tape (in 2005) that he could “grab women by the pussy” and couldn’t stop himself from kissing them, he’s not under investigation for that.  Yet Senators, both Dems and Repubs, want to investigate Senator Al Franken over this “comedic” controversy.  It’s a huge difference that Franken, a popular comedian at the time of this photo, quickly apologized for his actions and actually welcomes an ethics investigation.  AND, Thursday (11.16), during a 45 minute segment on CNN’s “The Lead with Jack Tapper”, Tweeden accepted Franken’s apology, tearfully saying she did not want to ruin his political career.  If Franken is investigated, then Trump must be also.  If Franken is taken down over this, then Trump must absolutely be removed from the Presidency for admitting to far worse sexual assault violations.

At this same time we are hearing that 93-year old past President George H.W. Bush groped women when he was President and in his later years. Do you want to pull him out of his wheel chair and investigate him? Bring.It.On as the real pervert Roy Moore says.

What constitutes a pervert? Child molestation, is certainly at the top. That’s what Roy Moore is accused of–  preying on and attacking under age girls. I just heard Dana Bash on CNN discuss a “Creep List” that is well known in Washington, DC.  I doubt Senator Franken was on it, but I bet Trump is.  It includes politicians and lobbyists who reporters and staffers (mostly females) do not want to be alone with on an elevator.  If we’re going to open this long-hidden can of worms, then air it all out!

Finally, Mr. “Reliable Sources” Brian Stelter, how can CNN do a political week in review (as Dana just did) and not even mention that in the House of Representatives a half-dozen Congressmen introduced FIVE articles of impeachment against so-called President Donald Trump, accusing him of obstruction of justice and other offenses. I call him “so-called POTUS” because I am not convinced he won legitimately.  I await the results of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election. That, my friends, is the primary issue we cannot be distracted from by cons, perverts and those seeking to sensationalize the news.  The entire White House administration is truly a “house of cards” scandal.

… and justice for ALL ?

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Hey #FAKE45, don’t threaten us with disrespecting the flag. Every day you disrespect “We the People“– Americans.  If not blacks, the #NFL, women, the disabled, Latinos, Hispanics, now it’s #PuertoRicans who face it, you did not realize WERE Americans.  You embarrass us and yourself every day. But, since it’s my compassionate side that I truly want to cultivate, despite my propensity to respond just as #Nasty and insultingly as you,  I offer a diagnosis instead of another insult.  It may sound harsh, but the truth is you are sick.

Yep, I honestly believe you are sociopathic, meaning you suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder.  Only a professional can say for sure, but many of us see the symptoms:  disregard for the feelings of others, lack of remorse or shame, manipulative, extremely egocentric, and often lies in order to achieve one’s goals. Sound familiar?  Now, add to this the strong possibility of dementia. Dementia covers a large category of symptoms that can include Alzheimer’s, but also other brain trauma or disease.  Those symptoms are recognized by increasing disrespectful and aggressive behaviors. See a pattern? 

It’s no joke when many of us tweet begging the professionals to speak up and for Congress to consider the #25th Amendment— which provides for removal of the President in case of incapacitation. We could also call it the Captain Queeg clause  (Look up The Caine Mutiny.)

Peeps, when it comes to Trump, I have tweeted the answer to all your questions of “why is he so…”   He’s a demented sociopath.  It’s not a horrible insult,  I believe it’s true.  It is way beyond #SAD that a madman holds the nuclear codes and is ruining our beautiful America (in many ways.)  So, it’s not the players who #TakeAKnee  or #Nasty women (like me) who are denigrating this Country. It is YOU, Trump!  And, also our Congress who must open their eyes and See Clearly that it’s time to remove him. Otherwise, we may not have a nation left to defend.  Get busy!  You too, #Mueller!

#antifa ?

Good grief, the mess in the US has become so bad I can’t even keep up with the factions and hateful hashtags!  aka # "what?"

The horrific clash in Charlottesville, VA (August 11 – 13) where an innocent woman was killed and many more injured has exposed yet another aspect of our national nightmare… an alleged violent far Left which the racists, neo-nazis and our so-called POTUS are calling #antifa.  I had never heard of it until this past weekend.  Apparently I’m not alone.  Just typing  “what is…  ” into the search bar, before I got any further, brought up hundreds of references to #antifa.  Use of this 1930s term appears to be a backlash to the term “Alt-Right”  (or Alt-Reich, as some have taken to calling extreme Trumpers.)  antifa

Antifa stands for anti-fascist. The original European movement was formed to resist the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.  The use of #antifa on social media seems to have gained momentum here in the US around the time of the early 2017 Berkeley protests where hate speech was not tolerated on that campus. Extreme white Nationalists, Trumpers and those labeled “Alt-Right” claim the violent left is the problem.  (Doing my best to report this in a factual way, but about to “go rogue.”)

The problem with blaming the left is that Trump encouraged violence at his campaign rallies whenever peaceful protesters dared to show up.  He penned reporters in cages and taunted his supporters to boo and hiss at them. Since allegedly winning (or being propped up by Putin) he has done nothing to calm any of the factions. In fact, he has plucked former subculture extremists, skinheads like Stephen Miller and blatant racists like Bannon, and put them on the Federal payroll in our White House!  Trump aligns himself with what had previously been a small, unstable faction. The REAL trouble, IMHO developed when conservative Republicans supported this sick movement in a greedy play to get their diabolic legislation passed.  Repubs were so desperate to get a “conservative” SCOTUS on the bench that they literally sold their souls.  The only thing after that you need to hear is Trump reciting “The Snake” poem and you’ve got the complete picture.  Anyone who voted for Trump should have listened more carefully about relying on a snake.

Back to a more balanced view, if some counter protesters in #Charlottesville were planning for violent clashes, wearing #antifa badges to incite trouble and especially if they came with weapons, then I hope local authorities get to the bottom of that.  We must see clearly that violence begets more violence.  Hate and intolerance is not a solution– only peaceful protesting can work.  We’re truly in a mess and the only way out is going to be a diverse, bipartisan coalition that can calm anxieties and fears on both sides.

For now, Karma is in control…